With Modern PURAIR, we provide all of the training that you might need to be a market leader in the indoor air quality space.  No prior technical experience required.  Some of the key pieces of our training program include:

Modern PURAIR Franchise Owners and their Staff have access to our industry leading online training program.  This program includes the standard operating procedures for all aspects of the business and includes tutorial videos that demonstrate step-by-step how to do the job.  This means that as your business grows, you will be able to easily train your team and track their progress through the training program.

After you have successfully completed the online training and certification program, you will attend New Franchise Partner Orientation at our Head Office.  During this two week (10 business days) training program, you will learn hands-on, how to do the job.  You will have the opportunity to work in field with one of our trainers on live jobs where you will get to put to practice what you learned through the online training.  By the end of the training, you will be ready to get to work in your local market and prepared to train your first employee.

As a Modern PURAIR Franchise Owner, you’ll get a weekly 1-on-1 coaching video conference call with one of our trainers.  Through these calls you’ll do goal setting and review as well as addressing any challenges that you are facing in your business.  This means you will never feel like you are left on your own without support.

Modern PURAIR Franchise Owners and their Managers come together for a conference once a year.  At our Annual conference we have expert outside speakers, staff members, and franchise owners share best practices, strategies, and tactics to grow your business.  We mix all that learning up with team building events and some parties that are truly unique and fun.  Click here to see some of the highlights from our past conference.