Modern PURAIR® Clearing the Air in Valley

Kelowna – Modern PURAIR® has seen a 43% increase in revenues over last year, and is establishing a strong market presence throughout the Thompson Okanagan. The air duct cleaning franchisor, which is franchising their new concept across Canada, is growing mostly in new markets. “In the last three years, we grew steadily in greater Kelowna,” […]

Pitching the Press

How does a company pitch the media and get free coverage? Lane Martin, 34, is figuring it out fast. And that’s why Modern PURAIR®, a Kelowna air-duct-cleaning company, is regularly making local headlines. That media attention is translating into revenue. Modern PURAIR® will be opening its sixth franchise in Chilliwack this month. Not bad for […]

Rodent proof your home before they move in

This is the time of year pesky little rodents try to get into our homes for a winter safe-haven. This rat’s nest material was found recently in a local home’s air duct system by Marshall Mah of Modern PURAIR®. In another house, Marshall found several mouse skeletons wedged between the circuit board and the door […]

Good Hot Air – A Rare Commodity

When we talk about cleaning up the environment in Canada, for the most part we are referring to the big picture – protecting our lakes, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. But there is another kind of air pollution, maybe even more dangerous to your health, that most of us overlook. It is the air […]

Company exposes a dirty secret

Inhaling contaminated air is only one of the worries a person should have if they haven’t had their ducts cleaned in a while. Hollie Tayal, owner/operator of Modern PURAIR® franchise in the South Okanagan, has seen more mice in the last month – than in her entire life – climbing and living amongst the ducts […]

Taggers get free shot at three trucks

Air-duct cleaning company gives graffiti artists way to show off their skills – By Okanagan Saturday Staff Kelowna taggers had an opportunity Friday to display their artwork in a legitimate way. The spray-painting artists decorated three trucks owned by Modern PURAIR® in front of The Sails.   The company masked off two-foot-square areas on the vehicles […]

Artists Get Unusual Canvas

Artists of all kinds were given an unusual canvas to display their talents in downtown Kelowna Friday. Local company Modern PURAIR® allowed graffiti artists and anyone who felt artistic, an opportunity to paint over three company vehicles. Company spokesman, Tyler Wright, says the vehicles are in the process of being sold, and will have to […]

Truck Graffiti Art Competition to be Held Downtown

Kelowna – On Friday, August 22nd between 11am and 3pm on Bernard Ave and Mill St, downtown Kelowna, local air duct cleaner Modern PURAIR® will mask off three of its commercial vehicles and let artists paint whatever they want on the trucks. The company is giving away a cash prize of $300 to each person […]

They Suck!

I’m fine as frog’s hair. Or is it, I’m fine as frog’s air? Ever looked at the ductwork in your home and wonder what resides inside? “It’s just crazy,” said Lane Martin, the president of Modern PURAIR®, a Kamloops air-duct cleaning company. “We’ve developed a system where we can show the customer exactly what we […]

Cash Flow Prevents Air Flow

Rob Fletcher never knows what he will find lurking in the air ducts he cleans for PURAIR® Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning. One thing is for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find $1,520 shoved into an air duct. “I noticed something that looked familiar and when I reached in there were several $100 bills,” said […]