Making Indoor Air Better

Making indoor air better – October 16, 2013 Clean air. It’s something we all appreciate. Today’s modern homes are much more airtight and our furnaces are more energy efficient. That’s good news for energy use, but it’s bad news when it comes the quality of our indoor air. Indoors is where Canadian’s spend about 90 percent of their […]

Modern Purair

Meet Don and Lane Martin, Modern PURAIR® blog – Clean air is something we all take for granted. Between home and work, we spend 90 percent of our time indoors and the quality of the air we breathe depends heavily on the state of our ventilation systems. In 1969, Don Martin noticed this trend and when large commercial businesses started to […]

Discover Dirty Secrets

Discovering our dirty little secrets

Vancouver Sun – August 16, 2013 When someone sends us an email, as Melissa McAfee recently did, with a subject line that reads “dirty little secrets,” what is one to do but read it, if only for the potentially comedic value of its contents? McAfee, it turns out, does the marketing for a B.C.-based company […]

Clear Air In Greater trail

Company clears the air in Greater Trail

Trail Times: Ever wonder what is lurking in the hidden compartments of your house? Modern PURAIR®, a full-service furnace and duct cleaning company based out of Castlegar, travels regularly to Greater Trail to help homeowners expose and get rid of what is hiding in their vents. “We have a lot of funny stories,” said owner […]

Father's Day Success Story

Writing a Father’s Day success story

The Daily Courier: Lane Martin, 39, is the first to admit that when he started to work with his dad, Don, 69, there were fights – major fights. “To be honest, I hated the actual duct-cleaning work”, said Lane. That posed a problem because Modern PURAIR® is an air duct- and furnace-cleaning business. “My generation […]