Aeroseal Featured on Holmes & Holmes!

Modern PURAIR® is proud to offer Aeroseal, the most effective ductwork sealing process in North America. Recently Aeroseal was featured on Holmes & Holmes, the nationally televised home improvement starring trusted home improvement superstar Mike Holmes.

“Most homeowners don’t think too much about ductwork – but they should,” says Holmes, an expert on home construction and renovation for over 40 years. “Holmes on Homes” was his first foray into TV and became a huge hit both in Canada as well as the US. Today Holmes is joined by his son, Mike, on their new venture, Holmes & Holmes.

Holmes & Holmes Seals Up a Home’s Ducts

In this episode, the Holmes boys take on a home that is leaking air through its ductwork. Holmes points out what a problem that can be, saying, “Ducts are like the veins in your home.”

They give the analogy of a garden hose. If that hose has a bunch of small holes along the way, how much water will end up out the other end of the hose? The same goes for ductwork!

Ducts take cold or warm air to all the rooms, but there are cleats & joints along the way that leak air. That leakage ends up costing the homeowner a significant amount of money in the form of higher hydro bills.

The Aeroseal process begins by sealing up the registers and returns, then “forcing that sealant into all the ductwork, and wherever the leakage is, it will fill those holes.”

After just an hour with the Aeroseal process, the leaks were reduced by a whopping 97%!

Imagine how that will translate into savings every month on hydro, and how quickly your investment in Aeroseal will pay off – then keep paying back, exponentially!

How Can Aeroseal Help Save You Money & Improve Air Quality?

How do we prove Aeroseal works? Aeroseal uses computer-controlled duct sealing technology, measuring the leaks in the ductwork to give you an accurate reading and precisely gauge the results.

So far in its existence, Aeroseal has sealed the ductwork in over 100,000 homes. That means better home comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality worldwide.

Modern PURAIR® is a proud Aeroseal partner, offering Aeroseal duct sealing across Western Canada. We’re the region’s experts when it comes to indoor air quality.

Are you finding that your home’s heat or AC seems to be off? Are some rooms too hot, while others are too cold? Modern PURAIR® can help! We’ll use the Aeroseal system to seal up nearly all the leakage in your ductwork, ensuring proper air flow throughout the house.

This translates to:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Improvement in Indoor Air Quality
  • Lower Energy Consumption

But don’t take our word for it! See for yourself.

Before starting the Aeroseal process, we’ll take pre-seal measurements of the leakage in your ductwork. Then we’ll measure again after the Aeroseal process is complete. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Let Modern PURAIR® Help You Save With Aeroseal

If you’re experiencing air flow or air balance issues in your home’s heating & cooling systems, contact Modern PURAIR® today to book a visit with one of our Aeroseal tech teams. In no time you’ll be experiencing better comfort and reduced energy costs, saying goodbye to those HVAC leaks.