What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing a Duct Cleaning Company?

Keeping your home safe and clean requires investing some time and money into maintaining it. One of your priorities should be cleaning air ducts, as poor air quality can have a serious effect on all household members. There are many options for cleaning air ducts, however, and it’s difficult to be sure of what you […]

man and daughter breathing clean air at home

Is Duct Cleaning Really Necessary?

  Keeping tabs on everything going on in your home is a challenging task. Apart from day-to-day errands, such as cleaning the dust, vacuuming, and other similar activities, home maintenance is also something that regularly appears on your menu. Whether you have to take care of the plumbing or do some drywall work, these are […]

person adjusts Nest learning thermostat at home

Save Money and Gain Convenience with a Nest Learning Thermostat

Something a lot of folks as us about is the Nest Thermostat. It’s gained in popularity quite rapidly in just a few years, and is now it its 3rd generation. What makes the Nest stand apart from other thermostats, and why should you invest in one? That’s what we’ll look at in this edition of […]

furnace filter inspection

How Often Should You Inspect or Change Your Furnace Filter?

  Furnace air filters need to be inspected and changed on a regular basis for many different reasons. First of all, an old or damaged filter won’t serve its function to protect you from polluted air. After a certain period of use, filters get filled with various particles and dust. This prevents them from containing […]