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What About HVAC Cleaning for Business? Seems Like a Big Spend – Is It Worth It?

  If you have an HVAC system in your business or organization, proper HVAC maintenance is very important. This includes regular air duct cleaning, since the HVAC system dictates the air you and your employees or tenants are breathing. By not cleaning the ductwork, airborne contaminants & particles end up recirculating, and that can potentially […]

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The Modern PURAIR® Difference – What It Means For You

    As people become more and more aware of the importance of maintaining good indoor air quality in our homes, buildings, and offices, the need for a company capable of providing this service has also increased. This is where we, Modern PURAIR®, come in. As a full-service indoor air quality company, we specialize in […]

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Which Furnace Filter Should I Choose with Indoor Pets?

  Having pets in our lives is a wonderful thing. But having them in our homes means cleaning up after them -and sometimes that can feel like a never-ending battle, can’t it?! All that pet dander might seem like it’s impossible to get rid of, not to mention the effect it has on the indoor […]


How Often Should I Conduct an Air Quality Investigation?

Indoor air quality in our homes and workspaces is extremely important. It can affect our well-being, productivity, sleep and many other facets of life. Yet indoor air quality it is somehow very frequently neglected. This, despite the fact that poor air quality in spaces where we spend most of our days can affect our health. […]