More and more millennials are turning to franchise ownership


Franchises are becoming more and more popular as people look to start their own business with the support of a proven system. In the past few years more and more millennials have started looking to run their own businesses. And since it’s hard to develop and also promote a company from scratch, many of them go the Franchise route. Franchises already have a strong reputation, and setting up a franchise business is significantly easier.  

Some people have the wrong idea about millennials

Some people have the perception that millennials are just young people that expect tons of praise, being self-absorbent and that they avoid hard work. However, there are many millennials which bring in energy, hard work, commitment and wits to franchise businesses. 91% of millennials believe that achieving success in their career is important if they want to have a good life. So many of them are more than willing to put in the necessary hard work to make sure everything works in a meaningful manner.

Millennial franchise businesses are digitally savvy

What you will notice about millennial franchisees is that they are focused on growth, accessing various technologies and growing in a meaningful way. They are all about committing to the process and using technology to make the process faster and more seamless. You will notice that millennials tend to use automation tools and they also enroll in the latest business management apps. They think that technology is the key when it comes to growing a business and in this case that’s entirely true.  Modern PURAIR is an organization that is highly technology driven – utilizing the latest technology for business operations. 

Social media plays a major role in their advertising

Social media is replacing traditional top of funnel advertising such as television more and more every day.  People just aren’t watching television like they were before. This bodes well for Millennials as they are extremely comfortable with using social media and have a broad social network.  This helps them because they find it easier to promote their business and grow their business audience. The top platforms for millennial franchise owners seeking to promote their businesses include Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  Click here to check out Modern PURAIR on Facebook.

A playbook for success

A thing to keep in mind with millennials is that they like franchises because they don’t have to spend as much time setting things up. On top of that, they don’t need to waste a lot of time and effort reinventing the wheel. You already have the business model set up by someone else, and you just follow their playbook and access their support and coaching.  Modern PURAIR has a system for quickly scaling the business that has been proven time and again at both corporately owned stores and franchisee locations.

No bricks and mortar requirement

Millennials are turning to franchises for mobile businesses that don’t require massive startup investments.  A mobile business such as Modern PURAIR, means that you wont have to cover construction, leasehold improvements, office leases, storefront staffing, and other expenses that are associated with bricks and mortar businesses.  Click here to see the startup investment requirements for a Modern PURAIR Franchise. Being the owner of a controlled, structured franchise business is a stronger and safer investment for most millennials.   

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