Bathroom Exhausts: Wait, you do those?

              Does Modern PURAIR® clean bathroom exhausts? Why yes, yes we do! It is probably no surprise that most of us use washroom exhausts every day without giving it a second thought. The sound of the fan spinning, working hard while we go about our “business”.  It may be one […]

New Home? Clear the Air with Duct Cleaning

Should you have the ducts cleaned in your new home? Some people say, ‘No Way! It’s new, why would I clean something NEW? I wouldn’t clean a new car or a new garment, why would I clean a new house?!’ And while it might seem counter-intuitive, today we’ll be talking about why it’s beneficial for […]

The importance of changing your furnace filter.

When you turn your heat on this winter how much do you think about the efficiency or the air quality that is coming from your furnace? Whether your furnace is old or new changing your furnace filter on a regular bases is important.  The standard one inch filter should be changed once a month  while […]