Rob Fletcher never knows what he will find lurking in the air ducts he cleans for PURAIR® Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning.

One thing is for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find $1,520 shoved into an air duct.

“I noticed something that looked familiar and when I reached in there were several $100 bills,” said Fletcher.

After getting in there with a flashlight the sum continued to grow. With Fletcher being the honest person he is, he immediately went upstairs to ask the current homeowners if they had a habit of storing their money in their ducts.

The current owners of the Enderby home, Kathy and Duane Haupt, bought the house in 2006.

“When Rob came up it was so funny, he asked us if we had hid anything, and I thought ‘no, I don’t remember putting anything there,’” said Kathy. “Then he brings out this wad of $100 bills and I was blown away.”

The Haupt’s were really impressed with Fletcher’s integrity, and since the money was not theirs, they decided to phone the previous home owner, Randy Potrie, who happened to still live in Enderby.

“We couldn’t have lived with ourselves by keeping it,” said Kathy.

When the Haupt’s phoned up Potrie they asked him if he had “forgot anything” at the house. Potrie said as soon as they mentioned it was alike a light bulb went off and he instantly remembered he had left a wad of money in the house.

“It was money I didn’t want to get confused with other money, and I had been building it up over time,” said Potrie. “I couldn’t remember exactly how much was there, and I guess I just forgot about it over time.”

After Potrie set down the phone he jumped in his car and headed to his old home, arriving in less than 10 minutes. He was so impressed with the outstanding honesty of all the people involved.

“It is something that should be very good for (Rob’s) business,” said Potrie. “As a community we need people with integrity.”

Potrie decided to give both the Haupt’s and Fletcher a reward for helping him recover his money.

“I did it out of appreciation,” said Potrie. “Not a finder fee or anything, but just commending them. Maybe the guys can take their wives out for a nice dinner.”

As for Fletcher, he will probably continue to discover surprises in people’s air ducts. He has many stories of interesting objects already; like snake skin, golf and tennis balls, hockey cards, dirty magazines, kids clothing, cat and rabbit feces, and even an entire winter jacket once. It’s just another day for a guy who cleans air ducts.

“People get pretty grossed out when you show them what’s in their vents,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher said that the average home that has never had their air ducts cleaned has two to three pounds of dust in them, and also 80 per cent of homes and buildings in Vernon have never had their ducts cleaned.