Maxed out for growth in the Okanagan, Modern PURAIR® furnace and air duct cleaning has turned its attention to franchising the concept across Western Canada.

“Specializing in furnace and air duct cleaning in the Okanagan, you can only grow so much,” said Modern PURAIR® co-owner Lane Martin.

“So, we’ve embarked on creating a national brand starting with selling Modern PURAIR® franchises across Western Canada.”

The first three franchises are in Vernon, Salmon Arm and Kamloops. The goal is to sell 15 more in Western Canada this year.

“My family has been in the business for 25 year,” Martin said. “My father and I rand Modern Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning for the past nine years and then just last year we re-branded to the shorter and catchier Modern PURAIR® to do the franchising.”

Martin was inspired to go the franchising route after becoming familiar with the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Story.

The junk removal company has become an world-wide franchising and business sensation.

“We’re following their model of selling franchises and support, but also giving one central call centre that gets information out to various franchises,” said Martin.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Has an easy-to-remember toll-free phone number.

Modern PURAIR® has 1-877-987-PURAIR®, which isn’t as catchy, but will serve the same purpose of passing along service calls to the appropriate franchisee.

Modern PURAIR® in Kelowna has six employees. Eight more will be hired as a master franchise office is set up a 3699 Highway 97 North in the University Business Park. People need to be hired for the call centre, administration and IT support.

Besides furnace and air duct cleaning, Modern PURAIR® also does indoor air-quality testing and solutions. For instance, it has ultra-efficient air filters for furnaces and ultra-violet light air-purification systems that can be attached to the furnace.

In keeping with the air purification, good for the environment theme, the company has just replaced its five diesel truck fleet with cleaner-burning diesel trucks that transport new-generation portable furnace and air duct cleaning units.

“In the past, the cleaning units were mounted on the truck, so the diesel truck would idle for two-and-a-half hours while the job was done,” Martin said.

“Now the truck is turned off and the portable unit is brought into the home and plugged into standard 110-volt power. It’s a high-powered vacuum unit that doesn’t put any output into the home.”