Initial Franchise Fee Per Exclusive Territory: $30,000
This fee pays for your initial exclusive territory.  Territories are mapped out based on postal codes (FSA) and include a population of 100,000 people. 

Additional territory blocks of territory can be added on for a discounted rate.

Marketing Package: $12,000
This marketing package will cover your advertising and business development expenses for your first six months of operation.  We’ll make a recommendation on how we should spend those funds on local advertising and business development in your market.  Together, we’ll agree upon that budget and then we’ll manage that fund during your first six months of operation.  After that, we’ll hand the responsibility of local business development and advertising spending back over to you.

Mercedes PURAIR Sprinter Equipment Rental Down Payment: $10,000
Your Modern PURAIR Sprinter will come to you fully decked out with all of the graphics, shelving, ramps, PURAIR compressor, and PURAIR Vacuum.  After this, you will have monthly payments of $2,XXX per month.  (OAC, actual monthly payment depends on your credit).  This is a rent-to-own program.

Equipment and Supplies: $5,000-$8000+
This will allow you to stock your Sprinter with the supplies you need to do the work, including the uniforms that you wear.  This is an approximate amount and will vary based on the actual quantity of product you choose to buy.

Minimum Startup Investment Requirement: $57,000
Third party financing available for the right candidates.