From the Similkameen News Leader:  Residents from Keremeos to Princeton are too familiar with having fewer service choices than people in bigger towns, including air duct cleaning.  Modern PURAIR®, however, developed a strong, portable vacuum that makes cleaning the lungs of a home extremely efficient, and can easily be brought to smaller towns.

Hollie Tayal, owner of Modern PURAIR® in South Okanagan says that since they started their Penticton-based company in August, over 50 percent of their business has come from rural areas and smaller towns in their territory. Hollie has met dozens of people that are relieved to know that an air duct cleaning company will finally come to their neck of the woods.

“Most people we’ve talked to claim duct cleaners from bigger towns won’t even return their calls,” says Hollie, 22. “It’s not that they’re bad business people, they just don’t have the equipment to travel farther distances and service smaller jobs.”

Lane Martin says that since his company, Modern PURAIR®, developed a small portable air duct cleaning unit, the company’s business reach has expanded immensely.  “Our high powered vacuum is literally the only one in the industry,” Lane says.  “The huge diesel trucks that we used to run sucked up a lot of gas getting to the job and during the job.  They were just not feasible to bring out to smaller towns.”

Now Modern PURAIR® has smaller vans with vacuums that can be wheeled into people’s homes, which make less noise and don’t require hoses tracking across people’s gardens and sidewalks.

Lane started franchising Modern PURAIR® last year and already has six franchises throughout the Okanagan, with one opening next week in Chilliwack.   Lane expects that with his efficient vans and portable vacuums, his company will be able to service parts of BC that most companies don’t even consider.  “I wonder how many other kinds of opportunities there are in small towns for companies that are willing to think different and get more efficient,” Lane says.