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“We are very happy with the duct and furnace cleaning by Modern PURAIR. We booked the service online, the process was very easy and the appointment time turnaround was very quick. We would recommend Modern PURAIR!”

– Melissa



We have developed an exclusive PUR CURx® Contact Cleaning Scrub System that actually scrubs all 4 sides of your duct system.


We spend an average of 90% of our time inside, and your home might contain air pollutants that may be hazardous to our health.


Dryer fires are more common than chimney fires. Reduce the risk with frequent dryer vent cleaning.



All four sides of the ductwork are thoroughly scrubbed clean, thanks to our trademarked PUR CURx® Contact Cleaning Scrub System.


A Filter Maintenance Program Designed To Best Fit Your Needs. Filters need to be properly selected and maintained to function properly.


Dryer fires are more common than most people think. Mitigate the risk by cleaning vents often.


Modern PURAIR® Offers the most cost-effective HVAC equipment evaluation, coil cleaning, filter maintenance, and IAQ solution with our industry leading 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Let customers know they’re breathing certified PURAIR® with Modern PURAIR® Certification Program.


On average, 90% of our time is spent indoors. If your business's air contains pollutants or allergens, how is this affecting your life?




As a full-service indoor quality company, we at Modern PURAIR® offer furnace and air duct cleaning, indoor air quality testing, and other indoor air cleaning services. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to have their furnace cleaned or a business owner who wants to keep the air clear for their customers, we have the air quality services right for you.

With our trademarked PURAIR® cleaning systems, Modern PURAIR® is Canada’s choice for air quality testing and air duct cleaning. We specialize in cleaning spaces such as hospitals, business buildings, schools, private homes, and apartment building ductwork.




Benefits of Modern PURAIR®


Your family spends the majority of their time indoors. It is essential that the air they breathe is as pollutant-free as possible. Other benefits of clean air include:


  • Reducing harmful allergens
  • Lessening the effects of asthma
  • Preventing the extended circulation of airborne diseases
  • Strengthened immune systems

Benefits of Modern PURAIR®


Modern PURAIR is dedicated to inspecting your furnace and HVAC system to identify any issues that could endanger your family. An improperly functioning furnace can produce carbon monoxide that can be extremely dangerous if it is not fixed.

Benefits of Modern PURAIR®


Properly cleaned and balanced ducts will ensure all the rooms in your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We prevent build-ups of dust and dirt that can create blockages or reduce airflow, making sure your house gets proper air distribution, saving you money on your hydro bill. Prevent sweltering bedrooms and frozen basements today with proper duct cleaning from Modern PURAIR®.

Benefits of Modern PURAIR®


A clean, balanced and properly insulated HVAC system will distribute air efficiently to all rooms in your home. Modern PURAIR will be able to reduce your energy consumption and lower your monthly electricity bill.





Fast, friendly, on-time service. Book now or call 800-996-3878 for same day service. Our friendly uniformed PURAIR® truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your 1 hour arrival window.


When we arrive, our friendly uniformed PURAIR® technician team will do a walk through of your home and provide you with a simple all-inclusive price.


We clean your homes furnace, ducts, and vents, making the home virtually dust free. Our exclusive PURAIR® cleaning system, guarantees the best cleaning available, backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Be amazed to see what’s hiding in your vents and duct work. Our trademarked PURCURx® contact cleaning system, scrubs all four sides of the duct work, and we show you exactly what we get out of each and every cleaning job!


When our PURAIR® technician team has finished cleaning your homes furnace and air ducts, you can say goodbye to dust, dander, pollen, lingering odors and allergies in your home. You can also experience lower energy costs, a virtually dust free home, 30 day satisfaction guarantee. With our up front rates, clean shiny trucks, trademarked exclusive PURAIR® cleaning systems and we show you what we get out of the furnace and air ducts, you will see why over 97% of our customers would refer us to friends and family.


Happy Customers! Enjoy AIRMILES® Rewards Miles, our 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and most importantly – breathe air the way it was meant to be in your home! Clean, fresh, PURAIR®. Tell all your friends and family about us, and we will make sure to call you when your home is due again for cleaning.


Enter your postal code to book your appointment online now!







Angela Sommer Avatar

Great service.

Angela Sommer 4/26/2021
Christine Dittaro Avatar

Great service. Bobby was right on time and quick to answer all our questions. He provided high quality thorough work.Would highly recommend.

Christine Dittaro 4/26/2021
V Krishnan Avatar

Friendly and professional.

V Krishnan 4/26/2021
V Krishnan Avatar

Friendly and professional.

V Krishnan 4/26/2021
Dave Marshall Avatar

Ty with Modern PURAIR was very professional and knowledgeable. He was thorough and respectful of the property during his processes. I would highly recommend the company and Ty.

Dave Marshall 4/25/2021
Barb Sheperd Avatar

I called to get my furnace ducts cleaned and received an appointment the following morning. Dan arrived right on time and did an outstanding job cleaning the furnace and ductwork. Showed me before and after photos and all the dirt and debris he collected. Wow! I can’t believe the difference in air quality. First time in years I woke up without a stuffy nose. I highly recommend the disinfectant after ducts are cleaned. You can immediately feel and smell the difference in air quality, especially if you own pets. Thank you for a superb job Dan!

Barb Sheperd 4/25/2021
Carol Olson Avatar

Excellent service! Highly recommended

Carol Olson 4/25/2021
Ryan Dury Avatar

We can breathe again! Mike is an incredibly friendly and helpful technician. He did a very thorough job cleaning our vents, after years of landlord neglect. Very happy with the service. Thank you 🙂

Ryan Dury 4/25/2021
Elle May Avatar

Bobby was our service technician, he was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions, which we had many. Our service was to have all ducts and vents cleaned; it was quick and quite a pleasant experience actually. Due to our families high intolerance of pollutants Bobby explained two features sold by Modern Purair he believed would help, in fact he’s upgraded his furnace with the polarized media air cleaner and uvv/uvc lights, we’ve opted to do the same. Looking forward to having these two systems installed to help us breathe better in our home.

Elle May 4/25/2021
Eric Nordgren Avatar

Jake was very friendly and attentive to what services we could use that would help keep our home clean. Explained what he was going to do and why

Eric Nordgren 4/24/2021
Jim Clegg Avatar

When servicemen arrived he was very friendly and professional. We have used other company in past. But this was not 30 minutes and done ! He cleaned everything and if shows. Our furnace is way quieter.

Jim Clegg 4/24/2021
brian Birk Avatar

Very good recomend to all.

brian Birk 4/24/2021
Kelly Buchner Avatar

Great service.

Kelly Buchner 4/24/2021
Heidi Aupers Avatar

Very good job done and great service provided!

Heidi Aupers 4/24/2021
john b Avatar

Great experience. Professional, friendly, and the job was done well.

john b 4/24/2021
Glenda Chalmers Avatar

Jordan was very professional, friendly, efficient & knowledgeable with the services he provided for our home! Thanks for the great service would highly recommend this company.

Glenda Chalmers 4/23/2021
Brett Catto Avatar

Great job & friendly staff to do their work. Dan was very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

Brett Catto 4/23/2021
AdamandSheena Marshall Avatar

Scott was amazing and did a great job of our vent cleaning. He was professional, courteous, and told me what he would be doing and what I could expect. The whole experience from booking to watching the van drive away was seamless. We will definitely be using Modern Purair again. Thank you!

AdamandSheena Marshall 4/23/2021
Daniel Tsang Avatar

Very professional. Alton and his partner did a great job. Great follow up services as well.

Daniel Tsang 4/22/2021
Colette Hallett Avatar

Great service and great guys. Thanks

Colette Hallett 4/22/2021
Terry Charron Avatar

Mike was very professional and thorough. I would highly recommend Purair services.

Terry Charron 4/22/2021
Richard Sayers Avatar

Mike was awesome and very informative. He did a great job and was very respectful of needing to wear a mask 🙂

Richard Sayers 4/22/2021
Ernest Hawkes Avatar

Craig and his partner showed up on time. They were very thorough. Very good at explaining everything they were doing and the purpose of it. The cost was less than we expected so I'd say price is quite reasonable. They also cleaned our dryer vent which was way more disgusting then I imagined. I'm assuming the previous owners of the house had never had it done and explains why it took over 80 min to dry a load of laundry. I would use them again.

Ernest Hawkes 4/22/2021
Jay Zimmerman Avatar

The service technician was on-time. He was extremely professional in his appearance, mannerisms and delivery of service. He was efficient in the execution, and explained what he did, what he found and what I could to do to help keep the ducts clear. Strongly recommend the company for anyone needing these services.

Jay Zimmerman 4/22/2021
Chul Jang Avatar

They are so professional!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Highly recommend Modern PURAIR!!!

Chul Jang 4/21/2021
凑合厨房 Avatar

I have a good time with JakeF. He is professional and also friendly. I definitely recommend him for the service

凑合厨房 4/20/2021
Carol McKissock Avatar

Had Modern Purair come in and do our duct and vent cleaning. The technician, Dave, arrived early and did a great job cleaning everything. Very courteous and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend this service.

Carol McKissock 4/20/2021
Joe Chan Avatar

I called Modern Purair because the bathroom fans were not working. I figured the ducts were clogged. Stuart was our technician. He was very professional and thorough. I walked him through the house to locate all the bathroom vents. We have a central bathroom exhaust system which was in the attic. After checking the ducts and fan motor, he told me we didn't have a clogged ducts problem. He qualified himself that he wasn't an electrician so he couldn't tell me for certain that the motor was working or not but he said it was "humming". To be sure the ducts were not clogged he also checked the outside vents and they were clear. He told me even if he went ahead with the cleaning, the result would be insignificant. So I took his advice and he told me there is no charge. I appreciate his honesty and how his company conduct their business. I felt bad and offered to pay him for his time and effort. By the way this was the second time I've used them. The last they also didn't charge me because the problem was outside of their expertise. I highly recommend them for professionalism and honesty.

Joe Chan 4/20/2021
Tanya Whyte Avatar

Dylan did the service for us. He was great!

Tanya Whyte 4/20/2021
Shawn Greeley Avatar

Technician Matt was amazing, quick, efficient, & friendly. The air in my house felt cleaner after ten minutes of him being here.

Shawn Greeley 4/20/2021
Mark & Tracy Dawson Avatar

We had never had our ducts cleaned and just had a major reno. We’ve also lived at our home for 30 years. They were able to show us 2% of what came out of our ducts as the balance goes into their large vacuum and it was disgusting so it makes us feel like we’re breathing much better air. Drew was at our home for around 3 hours. He was very careful not to bang into any walls or scratch floors etc which we very much appreciated. All in all a very good job was done and we are happy with the outcome.

Mark & Tracy Dawson 4/20/2021
Shawn Greeley Avatar

Technician Matt was amazing, quick, efficient, & friendly. The air in my house felt cleaner after ten minutes of him being here.

Shawn Greeley 4/20/2021
Wade Medley Avatar

We were lucky enough to have Ryan W as our Modern Purair technician. Ryan was on time, friendly, professional, and did an exceptional job. He went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and even identified a concern with our furnace that, if unchecked, may have resulted in us needing a replacement. I can't recommend Modern Purair enough, and particularly if Ryan W happens to be the technician who helps you out. Thank you!

Wade Medley 4/19/2021
Robert Cram Avatar

The technician arrived on time, and worked continuously until he was finished. He explained what he was going to do, before he did it, and he offered us options for doing additional work. He was friendly, efficient, and very clean, including cleaning up after himself.

Robert Cram 4/19/2021
Deb Walkemeyer Avatar

I have used Modern Purair two times and they are highly communicative, easy to work with and get the job done. Kalem did a great job. I would definitely use them again to clean my dryer vents!

Deb Walkemeyer 4/19/2021
Edward Degenova Avatar

Great Customer service,Very professionalWound recommend them over and over again.Great job

Edward Degenova 4/19/2021
Jim Phillips Avatar

Highly recommended. Very professional, thorough,

Jim Phillips 4/17/2021
Cassandria Smith Avatar

Austin and his trainee provided great, friendly service. They gave a thorough explanation of work to be done and cost up front prior to starting the duct cleaning. They were patient with me while I moved my dogs around the house to have work done (they don't like strangers!) I recommend Modern Purair and will use them again in the future!

Cassandria Smith 4/16/2021
Tabatha Kennedy Avatar

Brett was very friendly and informative, explaining every step. Fast and courteous

Tabatha Kennedy 4/16/2021
Karry Dixon Avatar

Booked online, received all information/details via email, arrived on time, friendly, professional service rep, reasonable price with no surprises, everything went very smooth and was greatly appreciated.

Karry Dixon 4/16/2021
Murray Mooney Avatar

We have used the business twice and each time we have been very pleased with all aspects of the job. The technician was very Thorough and professional.We are recommending this business to all our friends.

Murray Mooney 4/16/2021
Sophia Chadwick Avatar

Phillip did a great job cleaning our ducts and vents. He was thorough and very helpful and informative. Super trustworthy in our home and followed covid protocols.

Sophia Chadwick 4/16/2021
Frank Seffelaar Avatar

They did an excellent job they were prompt. Their worker was friendly and willing to answer questions showing how dirty each vent was.

Frank Seffelaar 4/15/2021
Ross Carvey Avatar

I have used various companies to do my vent and duct cleaning over the years but for the last 10 years I only hire PurAir, quality work at a reasonable price .Ryan did a meticulous job and was very professional.

Ross Carvey 4/15/2021
Jesse Byrne Avatar

Provide the best customer experience!They were super personable, knowledgable and we’re in and out of the house before I knew it. The cost was exactly what they said (NO HIDDEN FEES). Professional service I would recommend to anyone. I’m extremely happy I had done my my research and picked this company over all.

Jesse Byrne 4/15/2021
Karla Allan Avatar

Jake was great. Very personable and professional. So glad he suggested the dryer vent cleaning, it really needed it. Definitely will be a return customer.

Karla Allan 4/14/2021
lee hamilton Avatar

If you are looking for the best duct and vent cleaning company out there, call Modern PURAIR. Jordan was amazing, explained every detail, ensured that we were all on the same page from start to finish, ensured that we did a walk around afterwards and explained some more on 'why' we should and should not do things with venting (only owned a home for 25 years) and was finally explained some things re my furnace, heating bills etc. Their vehicle is exceptionally clean which is the starting point in my mind. Jordan was a great guy, represented his company professionally and was very personable. Ask for Jordan!!

lee hamilton 4/13/2021
Wayne Jarvis Avatar

Thanks Austin and Ed for a job well done. I recommend PurAir to anyone needing their air ducts cleaned. Austin and Ed were informative,courteous and professional

Wayne Jarvis 4/13/2021
Shelley T Avatar

technician was professional, friendly, communicative, arrived on time, respectful of our home, ease of payment

Shelley T 4/13/2021
Laura McIntosh Avatar

Excellent service and communicationOn time, reasonable price. Definitely would recommend!

Laura McIntosh 4/13/2021
Don Watson Avatar

'Austin was exceptionally thorough doing our 15 year old house's duct cleaning. he explained every step to me. and pointed out the cleanings we didn't need.

Don Watson 4/12/2021
Reed Philpott Avatar

EXCELLENT SERVICE! Staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and on time! I had a duct cleaning from Matt and I am very satisfied with the quality of service and professionalism of the company. Would recommend to anyone needing there services!

Reed Philpott 4/12/2021
Mike Schutz Avatar

I would recommend pur air 100% they did an amazing job. Bobby was are tech and I couldn’t recommend him enough. He was highly skilled and professional. He answered all our questions and did and amazing job he went over and above for sure. Don’t go with any other duct cleaning service don’t waste your time just call pur air.

Mike Schutz 4/12/2021
Debra Aggett Avatar

Very professional and courteous. Did a great job!

Debra Aggett 4/11/2021
R Balen Avatar

Efficient professional and courteous service. Duct cleaning seemed to make a noticeable difference in our home. Fresher and freer air flow.

R Balen 4/11/2021
Deborah Tummon Avatar

Nice and helpful staff.

Deborah Tummon 4/10/2021
Debbie Markus Avatar

Had our ducts and dryer vents cleaned yesterday. Matt did a great job. He showed up on time and was professional and friendly. He explained everything upfront so we knew exactly what the cost was going to be. Katie was also great with assisting with booking online. Would definitely recommend.

Debbie Markus 4/10/2021
Mary-Lou Stephenson Avatar

Would definitely recommend this company and will use them again. Very prompt, helpful, service and explained everything! Very impressed. Thanks Brett.

Mary-Lou Stephenson 4/10/2021
Abraham Faliao Avatar

The team was on time with the agreed appointment. Very courteous and clean.

Abraham Faliao 4/10/2021
Brian D. Pinkney Avatar

Elliot was very professional and courteous.

Brian D. Pinkney 4/10/2021
Guy Lavallee Avatar

Pete & Tim came out to perform a dryer vent clean on our dryer vent that apparently had not been done for YEARS! They were on a mission, and would NOT give up until the found and fixed the issue - and they were pleasant, friendly, and professional through the entire process. The icing on the cake is that Modern PurAir's rates were far better than any other company we looked into. We are customers for life after this incredibly positive experience. Thanks Pete & Tim!!!

Guy Lavallee 4/10/2021
Carol Brannan Avatar

Tim and Pete came here to clean ducts and vents. They were very covid aware ,professional,mannerly,and worked very well together.And they were on time! I highly recommend this company to anyone who may need their service.

Carol Brannan 4/10/2021

Excellent customer service from the initial call I gave the company looking for a quote. Received follow up emails to the day of service. Jake the technician arrived on time. Professional and excellent customer skills and very hard working.Job done to my satisfaction and Jake explained what he did and showed me the final results after the cleaning and what was removed from the vents.Thanks again. I would recommend Jake and this company again.Patrick

YVRPATRICK 4/09/2021
Lindsey de Chalain Avatar

I had Tim And Stew come out and clean our dryer vents, Our entire Strata hired Purair to come out. Tim worked fast, took the time to explain everything that was going on in a very friendly and professional manner. I would 100% recommend this company!!

Lindsey de Chalain 4/09/2021
Nicole Stroh Avatar

Jake was great! Super quick and efficient, kind and followed all Covid protocols. Great experience and I will definitely recommend them in the future.

Nicole Stroh 4/09/2021
Lo Jenny Avatar

Same exceptional quality service as first hire them 5 years ago on duct and vent cleaning. The guick online quote provides on the website is very helpful to find out the approximate cost. I think it is fairly reasonable. The technician called and arrived on time as email reminded. Jake was very courteous and full of energy. He kindly took my requests on work order and completed them efficiently with his best effort. The job took 3 hours which is about right. Feels great to make fresh deep breath after cleaning. Jake’s profession has met high standard he set for himself and represented positiveness of the company. Extremely recommended!

Lo Jenny 4/08/2021
Lisa Tran Avatar

Highly recommend Modern PURAIR! They did a great job, on time, very Professional and Honest. My furnace runs so quietly since its been clean. I feel it was worth the money to have your Duct and vent clean!! The air is much fresher and cleaner.

Lisa Tran 4/08/2021
Justin Mcnaney Avatar

Our company has been using Kevin and his team at modern Purair for many years . Today we had Nathan come clean our ducts and vents . Wow he did an amazing job . Thank you for always doing such a great job.

Justin Mcnaney 4/07/2021
Scott Kipta Avatar

The crew was fast, professional and polite. They made sure I was happy and followed up with a courtesy check. I highly recommend this company.

Scott Kipta 4/07/2021
Mark Holder Avatar

Recently had our furnace and venting system serviced & cleaned, AJ at Modern Purair did a great job, we'd use them again!

Mark Holder 4/07/2021
Lara Colbert Avatar

Alton and Brandon did a GREAT JOB today!!!2 years of collected dust from the house repairs were all sucked out. Well recommended to get their services again👍👍

Lara Colbert 4/07/2021
Lauren Foulkes Avatar

Ryan arrived on time and completed the service quickly, efficiently and thoroughly - there’s a reason they’re booked up far in advance! He was incredibly accommodating with my pets and very professional reviewing all services offered and outlining the process. Ryan took the time to take photos of before/after as I was unable to be home the whole time. I would highly recommend Modern Purair and Ryan is a superb technician.

Lauren Foulkes 4/06/2021
Hillary Martillana Avatar

Alton & Brandon were on time, friendly and professional. They even went above and beyond trying to troubleshoot an issue we had with our dryer and they also informed me of other issues going on in our attic while they were working up there. Thanks for the great service!

Hillary Martillana 4/06/2021
Natasha Chinnapen Avatar

Jake F was prompt, considerate, friendly, and competent. He clearly explained all the steps, did a thorough cleaning, and followed all covid protocols. I would book with modern purair again.

Natasha Chinnapen 4/06/2021
Samantha La Grange Avatar

Ken did a wonderful job! Very professional, showed up on time, and was a delight to deal with.

Samantha La Grange 4/05/2021
Jennifer Barrett Avatar

Amazing service right from the start by booking appointment with Jean. Then when we thought we had to move pipes on furnace Kevin came over, on his day off, to take a look and saved us from having to do anything to the furnace! Thanks Kevin!!!Lastly, the day of cleaning, Nathan arrived and was very helpful and knowledgeable about the process and explained everything that needed to be done. He was extremely personable, kind, considerate and understanding of my Dad’s Alzheimer’s which made the process that much easier. Thank you Nathan, you’re a true gem!!

Jennifer Barrett 4/03/2021
C Ashton Avatar

Kalem arrived on time and was very friendly. He did a great job. Highly recommend!

C Ashton 4/03/2021
Laura Case Avatar

Very professional and thorough job

Laura Case 4/03/2021
Emily Davidson Avatar

Luke was great! We had just moved into our home and he was calm in the chaos, and extremely professional. He explained the process to me so I understood what was happening, which says a lot about the service I received! He also made me feel comfortable having him in my home during a pandemic, highly recommended.

Emily Davidson 4/03/2021
Colin Blondin Avatar

I just wanted to start off with Austin was amazing and professional. Called before he left to let us know he was on his way, showed up right on time and worked hard to get our ducts cleaned. Everything was perfect we will recommend Austin highly to all of our neighbours and family to use for cleaning their ducts.

Colin Blondin 4/03/2021



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