Air-duct cleaning company gives graffiti artists way to show off their skills
– By Okanagan Saturday Staff

Kelowna taggers had an opportunity Friday to display their artwork in a legitimate way.

The spray-painting artists decorated three trucks owned by Modern PURAIR® in front of The Sails.   The company masked off two-foot-square areas on the vehicles and let artists paint whatever they wanted.

The company awarded prizes of $300 to each person with the top painting as decided by the crowd on hand.  The artists did graffiti or traditional brush painting.

Modern PURAIR® wanted a unique way to market its old trucks.

“We rebranded our company a couple years ago, and our new air duct cleaning system is a lot simpler,”  said Lane Martin, CEO of Modern PURAIR®.

“We figure whoever buys these trucks will have to repaint them anyways, so why not create a fun event out of it?”

The company estimates the trucks are valued at $30,000 to $50,000 each. Martin said the company spent weeks sharing the news with local artists.

Company spokesman Tyler Wright said the event did not encourage illegal tagging.

“We think we’re giving them an outlet to tag,” he said.  “A lot of these people aren’t really bad.  They’re very artistic and looking for a place to express their art.”

Kelowna Coun. Robert Hobson, a vocal opponent of illegal tagging, also thought the event provided a healthy outlet for the artists.
“If it’s part of a legitimate art process, I think that’s fine,” said Hobson.  “If it’s an acceptable place for people to do their art.”
Modern PURAIR® is an air-duct cleaning and air filtration service.  The Kelowna company has five franchises in the Okanagan, with more opening this year.