Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Successful Modern PURAIR® Franchise Owner?

Modern PURAIR® is a proven franchise model backed by years of practical experience.  Don and Lane Martin, Modern PURAIR Co-Founders continue to operate the indoor air quality business they operated before starting the Franchise System.  This gives Modern PURAIR Head Office a direct finger on the pulse of the business.  We know what works and what doesn’t work because we’ve worked in the business for many years and continue to do so.  This experience is complimented by all of the other existing franchise owners in the Modern PURAIR brand today.

Through this experience, we’ve determined that there are four key traits that are required to be a successful Modern PURAIR Franchise Owner.

Meriam Webster defines tenacious as “persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.”

As a Franchise Owner, your effort directly drives the success of the business.  Are you someone that is ready to work harder than you ever have for the next 2-3 years?  This means that you probably aren’t going to be taking many vacations – with the exception of our Annual Conference (Which includes incredible learning and development mixed in with some vacation style fun) – for the next couple of years until the business gets off the ground.

Sales and marketing aptitude
You don’t need to have experience in sales and marketing, but you do need to have the aptitude for it or ability to do it.  This is critical because Modern PURAIR is a sales business.  This isn’t a fast food franchise where you open up your doors and sit back hoping people come into your shop.  This is a business where the less time you spend at your office or behind your desk, the better.  You need to be out in your community networking and spreading the word about your business daily.

Appreciation for systems
Modern PURAIR is a systems and customer service business that happens to provide indoor air quality services.  We have proven systems that we have developed based on past failures.  We’ve purpose built these systems to prevent future failure and ensure the highest possible total customer experience.  In order to be successful with a Modern PURAIR Franchise, you need to be someone who appreciates following proven systems for success.

A Passion for Customer Service
At Modern PURAIR, we are all about the full customer experience and truly leaving our customers Wowed.  Unlike traditional businesses in our industry that are purely focused on completing the task, at Modern PURAIR, we instead focus on the total customer experience.  Does the idea of building a team to WOW your customers day in and day out make you excited? 

If you think you have these four qualities, we would love to talk to you.  Click here to register for a 30 minute online information session where you will join others from across Canada who are interested in discovering more about the opportunity.