The Toxins You’re Breathing RIGHT NOW!

The average person spends 90% of their time inside, breathing indoor air. When indoor air is of poor quality, a vast range of harmful substances unique to indoor areas make it into our lungs and damage our health. Learn what these substances are, how to tell if you’re breathing them, and what to do if you are; with Modern PURIAR.

1) Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s, are chemicals contained in many products. Cleaners, aerosols, paints, construction materials, etc. all contain airborne chemicals that, when inhaled, can be extremely harmful.

Volatile Organic CompoundsWhen a ventilation system is poorly maintained, cleaned, or designed; filtration systems are incapable of adequately removing VOC’s from the air. As many are odourless and colourless, determining their presence in your household air is not generally something that can be done without professional equipment.

If you would like to rule out the possibility that VOC’s are impacting your health, and that of your family members, a guaranteed method to do so is with Modern PURAIRS Indoor Air Quality Testing.

2) Mould

There are millions of distinct strains and species of mould, many of which are common to homes and harmful to health.

Mould grows slowly, and can often ‘sneak up’ on a family. Because indoor air becomes poor very slowly, and symptoms of mould inhalation mimic those of common colds and the flu, it is easy to not notice when a mould is impacting family health.

Many strains create a distinct ‘must’ that, when away from the home for awhile, are immediately noticeable. Some strains are not so noticeable but still have a significant impact on family health.

In either case, the best way to determine beyond doubt that your family members are suffering from a mould infestation is with professional testing! Not only will Indoor Air Quality Testing reveal if you’re breathing mould, but it will also tell you the precise strain! With this information, mould remediation is significantly easier and less time-intensive.

3) Dead Biological Matter

In 7 years from reading this article, every single cell that currently constitutes you will be gone and replaced by others.


Many of these cells, after dying, make it into the air.

When humans were living outside, this wasn’t an issue. But living inside means that we are constantly surrounded by dead cells that have nowhere to go!

With Modern PURAIR’s Indoor Air Quality Testing, you can determine if your home ventilation systems are working to consistently clear your home of this particulate; keeping things clean for you and your family!

The Indoor Air Quality Experts

Indoor Air Quality Testing can provide a comprehensive report of every airborne contaminant and VOC circulating the air of your home. Modern PURAIR can provide every service you might need to remove them!

To find out what contaminants you’re breathing right now, and to get them out of your indoor air, we can help!