How Clean Vents Can Save You Hundreds

We don’t often think about the quality of our indoor air, but doing so can expose us to significant opportunities to save money! Accumulated dust and detritus not only exposes building residents to the risk of health complications, but can cost you hundreds (in some cases, thousands) in lost HVAC efficiency. Find out how investing in regular vent inspection and cleaning by pays for itself with Modern PURAIR:

Save On Home Utility Costs

Does your dryer sometimes seem to leave clothes damp, even after a full cycle? Its not uncommon for even new dryers to gradually lose efficiency with time, but few seem to recognize that most often, it has nothing to do with the dryer!

Washer and dryer manufacturers recommend a full cleaning of attached dryer vent systems for good reason. Not only does the accumulation of lint and debris account for over 14000 house fires a year; but large build-ups significantly impacts the efficiency and longevity of your dryer unit.Save on Utilities Vent Cleaning

We do not see, and therefore do not often think about, the state of our dryer vent. If you cannot remember the last time yours was cleaned; scheduling a clean with Modern PURAIR will not only massively decrease the time you spend doing laundry, but decrease your utility costs and increase the longevity of your dryer!


Increase Business Productivity

If the ventilation systems in your place of work have accumulated dust and detritus, your business pays the price in productivity and increased utilities.

Organic and chemical irritants accumulate in your vents, distributing themselves throughout working spaces. Because your ventilation system cannot adequately process these substances, the lungs and immune systems of all those who spend time in your place of work must.

Poor indoor air caused by unclean ventilation systems cause symptoms often mis-attributed to the cold or flu, and are associated with a higher frequency of sick-days taken by business employees. Having your vents cleaned by Modern PURAIR means that the immune systems of those who work for you no longer have to burn energy simply to occupy space in your building.

With clean, fresh air; your employees will have more energy to accomplish their tasks and be more happy to do so in an environment they enjoy occupying!

Clean Vents Are a No-Brainer

Office Productivity Clean AirSaving on vent cleaning is spending on lost productivity, and the increased cost of running an inefficient HVAC system. At home or at work the benefits of clean, quality air far outstrip the investment required to maintain them.

With services like our Filter Maintenance Program; Modern PURAIR makes breathing consistently clean air easier and more accessible than ever!

To learn more about what you’re breathing right now, and how to access all the benefits of quality air at home and at work, get in touch with Modern PURAIR.