What time of the year should i be getting my ducts cleaned?

Duct cleaning carries many benefits with it, including improving your indoor air quality and increasing the effectiveness of your HVAC System.  With that in mind, you may be wondering when the right time of year is to do a duct cleaning.  The simple answer is that it depends on your needs and on why you are getting it done.  Below are some environmental factors based on the season that would come into play in each season.


This is when pollen and dust is most prevalent in the air and most likely to get into your system.  Most people tend to have their windows open during this beautiful time of year and small particles can easily make it into your home.  Many construction projects are also done in this time of the year, causing even more dust and debris to be thrown into the air. Make sure you take note of how many times you are dusting your house in a week, which can be an indication of when to get a cleaning done.


This time of year is when everyone is turning on their furnace and getting ready for the winter season of furnace operation.  Often, construction is coming to an end during this time and the last little bits of dust and debris from those projects are still being scattered in the air.


Even though most of us keep everything closed to the outside during this time of year, we still manage to pull in a ton of dirt and dust over the winter season. It’s the time of year when the roads are sanded/salted and with the temperature spikes the particles often get caught in our footwear and pulled into the house.


That great time of year when we can finally start to open up our homes to the outside again. Construction projects often get started around this time of year and it takes weeks to clean up all the sand that has been put on the roads for winter. A lot of people also start getting out of the house and hiking which will bring in dust and debris.

In short, unless you have a pressing matter in the home, then it’s entirely up to you when you want to get your ducts cleaned. Some key signs that it should be done are:

  • If it has been 2-3 years or more since your last cleaning
  • When you remove the vent cover from a return air vent, and find large deposits of dust, hair, and debris
  • When an increased volume of asthma and allergy symptoms are experienced by residents in the home or business
  • An excess amount of dust in the air
  • Reduced air flow
  • After a renovation project

With all of that information in mind, is it about time that you should be giving Modern PURAIR a call?