happy homeowners enter new home for first time

Is Air Duct Cleaning a Good Idea Even for New Construction?

happy homeowners enter new home for first timeOnly a few things in life can beat the excitement of moving into a new home. The smell of fresh paint, brand new appliances and furniture… it’s a fresh start for you and your family.

But just how fresh is your HVAC system? Of course, it’s completely new, but that doesn’t mean that the ducts are clean.

New construction brings a few issues that can only be solved with proper duct cleaning. So, let’s see what kind of problems new construction can cause for your HVAC system, how important it is to ensure good air quality inside your home, and how duct cleaning can help with that.

The Problems with New Construction

new home under constructionBuilding a new home from scratch is a difficult process, and a lot goes on between laying the foundation and bringing in the last piece of décor.

The brand-new ductwork has to be installed early on in the construction process, which means it just sits there collecting dust and other debris for weeks, even months.

Even before the HVAC system is brought to the construction site, it’s more than likely that it’s been sitting somewhere in a warehouse for quite some time.

All of this simply means that even if your HVAC system looks completely clean and fresh from the outside, there’s accumulated debris inside of it, affecting the air quality inside your home.

Air Quality Importance

Poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of health problems. If you’ve moved into a new home and suddenly started experiencing allergy symptoms such as dizziness, red eyes, runny or congested nose, coughing, and more, a dirty HVAC system might be to blame.

It’s not just physical health problems that poor air quality can cause. It can impact your overall mood, energy level, concentration, and can make you less productive.

Your HVAC system essentially works as your home’s respiratory system, and for your and your family’s wellbeing, you should ensure your entire home is clean and healthy.

How Duct Cleaning Can Help

coffee cups and cigarette butts left at new home constructionInvesting in duct cleaning before you move into a new home will ensure your HVAC system is in good condition.

The experts will get rid of any accumulated dirt, which can include anything from sawdust and cigarette buds left by the construction workers, to insects and rodents.

An added benefit is that your electricity bills won’t skyrocket as soon as you turn on the AC. When an HVAC system is dirty, it has to use more power to operate and move the cooled/ heated air around your home.

Keeping it clean will make it more efficient, bringing your utility bills down.

That’s Where Modern PURAIR® Comes In

Duct cleaning before you move into your new home will provide you with many benefits, but it’s important to choose a NADCA member when hiring an expert. NADCA members follow strict guidelines and have very high standards for duct cleaning, meaning they don’t use any hazardous chemicals, ensuring your HVAC system is thoroughly cleaned in a completely safe manner.

Modern PURAIR® is proud to be a longstanding NADCA member. We’re Western Canada’s leader in indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule an air duct cleaning to follow your new home construction.