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How Often Should You Inspect or Change Your Furnace Filter?


Furnace air filters need to be inspected and changed on a regular basis for many different reasons. First of all, an old or damaged filter won’t serve its function to protect you from polluted air. After a certain period of use, filters get filled with various particles and dust. This prevents them from containing new particles that are coming through so they will freely come into your home and you’ll keep breathing them in without even realizing. This will drastically reduce indoor air quality as if you never even had a filter.

Why is Filter Inspection Important?

Indoor air quality experts say that around ⅔ of the furnace breakdown calls that they get in the winter is a direct consequence of lack of inspection. Without regular inspection, people aren’t able to recognize issues with their filters and this drastically affects the work of their furnace.

On the other hand, an air filter not properly maintained is a major health hazard, as it might lead to leaks of carbon monoxide, increased harmful particles, dust, and so on.

It Depends on Your Filter Type

There are many different types of filters that can be used for a single furnace. Thinner air filters are cheaper, and this is why most people go for those. Even though they might save you money initially, however, these cheaper filters could cost you more in the long-term, as they require more frequent changes.

A one-inch filter has less physical space for debris to stick to it and that’s why they usually need to be changed once per month. On the other hand, three-inch filters could last up to three months.

It Depends on How You Are Using the Filter

In case you have pets with fur or feathers living in your home, your filter will work harder. On the other hand, smokers’ homes have lower air quality, which also affects the filter. If there are simply a lot of airborne contaminants outside of your home or you open the window very often while the furnace is working, your filter will work harder.

How to Visually Inspect Your Filter

All of these things make the lifespan of a filter shorter and you need to take them into account. No matter what your situation is, try to inspect your filter at least once per month. If you have pets, you live in a smoking home, and your furnace is working constantly, you can do this even more often.

Luckily, a visual inspection doesn’t take long. Simply turn off your furnace and look at the filter closely. If there is a lot of dust on it, touch it with your hand, and in case there is a lot of residue on your hand, replace it as soon as possible. Even though there are a lot of brands that claim their filters are high end and they need to be replaced only a couple of times per year, it’s a good rule of thumb to inspect them once per month and replace them every three months on average.

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