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Save Money and Gain Convenience with a Nest Learning Thermostat

Mar 13, 2019

person adjusts Nest learning thermostat at homeSomething a lot of folks as us about is the Nest Thermostat. It’s gained in popularity quite rapidly in just a few years, and is now it its 3rd generation. What makes the Nest stand apart from other thermostats, and why should you invest in one? That’s what we’ll look at in this edition of the Modern PURAIR® blog.

A Simple But Powerful Tool for Convenience & Savings

Simple in its design, appearance and approach, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the best smart thermostat on the market today. Why?

  • It helps you save energy
  • Turns itself down while you’re away
  • Can be controlled from anywhere
  • And features remote temperature sensing

nest thermostat in home

At Modern PURAIR®, Western Canada We’ve sold hundreds of these units over the years and have gotten rave reviews from our customers. That’s not only why we continue to sell them (in great numbers) but use them in our own homes.

More Than Just Programmable – The Nest Thermostat Programs Itself

If you’ve got an old thermostat that can only be controlled by hand, manually, then you definitely know the frustration of not being to have any control and having to choose between, say, having your house too cold when you get home or spending money to heat your house all day while you’re away.

Even programmable thermostats, however, are mostly stuck in 1980s technology. They let you set on and off times, which is a step in the right direction from manual thermostats. But they don’t do any learning on their own to adjust to your preferences, not do they allow you to control the temperature from remote locations – either you’re at home or you’re out of luck.

With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you get the best of both worlds. When you first install the thermostat in your home, the Nest will learn your preferences for about a week or so, as you set and change the thermostat temperature. Once it’s figured out your patterns (bedtime, wake-up, when you leave the house and come home, etc.), the Nest programs itself to sync up so that you can focus on other things – like spending time with your family in the comfort of your home.

Ever feel like the thermostat says it’s X degrees, but you’re in a room that doesn’t feel like that temperature at all? Meet the Nest Temperature Sensor! Sold separately as an accessory, this handy, little remote sensor lets you place it in a room where you spend a good deal of time, like your living room, bedroom or even the basement. That way you’ll get the right comfort level for the spot(s) where it really matters.

smart phone app for home in living room

Control From Literally Anywhere

You can control the Nest from anywhere you can get a data signal or wifi. Stuck at the office when the boss says you have to work late? No worries, just use your phone, tablet or other device (with the Nest app or Google Home, etc.) to adjust your return time, thus saving you energy costs on no having to heat or cool your home while you’re away. On vacation and decided to stay another day or two? Lucky duck! Fire up the app and keep the energy bill down while you’re away. The nest even has geofencing, which lets the thermostat know when you’re within a certain distance from home (say 15 minutes), automatically firing up the heat or AC to get things nice and comfy for your arrival.

How Much Can You Save with a Nest? Let Modern PURAIR® Show You!

Since 2011 the Nest has saved billions of kilowatt hours of energy in millions of homes across the globe. Impartial studies have shown an average savings of 10%-12% on heating bills, and even more (15%) on cooling bills. That means that your Nest investment will pay for itself in no time!

Modern PURAIR® can help you save with a Nest Learning Thermostat. Contact us today to find out how! We sell the Nest and do installation as well. Why not book your next air duct cleaning at the same time?


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