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How To Get A Free Vent Cleaning From Your Landlord

Maintaining the quality of indoor air is an often neglected, but very important, job to protect the health of yourself and the residents in neighbouring units around you.

When renting, your landlord is obligated to perform the maintenance on their property, but often neglect to clean vents out of simple ignorance. While it is their responsibility, because they are not breathing the air within your rental on a regular basis, it is easy to lose awareness of the fact that the job has not been tended to.

Neglecting to clean vents on a regular basis carries damaging health risks, so it is very important to ensure this job gets done. Learn about these risks, and how to talk to your landlord about vent cleaning, with Modern PURAIR.

Why You Should Care About Clean Vents

Poor indoor air quality can impact your health without you even being aware of it. Mold, bacteria, viruses, sometimes even pests and rodents, thrive in the environment neglected ventilation systems provide. Left alone and in the dark, constantly circulating air provides a constant stream of nutrients for growth and an easy vehicle to spread to every room in your home, and eventually your lungs!

vent cleaning vancouverFor healthy adults, the presence of these foreign contaminants is something the body can deal with in stride. Rarely is it the case that a person becomes sick as a direct result of dirty vents, but frequently they do as an indirect result.

When the body has to constantly work to fight off the mold, bacteria, and viruses it is exposed to daily at home, it is left with less energy to fight off other sicknesses. During winter especially, when we spend more time than ever in our homes, dirty vents weaken our immune systems significantly, part of the reason why winter is so notorious for sickness!

How To Talk To Your Landlord

Your landlord is obligated to care for the maintenance of your home, and your ventilation system is no exception!

If you have been living in your home for more than a year, and are not aware of the vents having ever been cleaned, you ought to seriously consider getting in touch with your landlord about having your vents inspected.

If you haven’t been living in your house for very long, in the interests of protecting your health and that of those you live with, it is worthwhile to inquire as to the last time the vents were cleaned. If it has been more than 6 months since the system was inspected, consider arranging a vent-cleaning with your landlord


vent cleaning vancouverThe ventilation system of your home is closely linked to the respiratory system of your body. Keeping vents clean keeps your lungs clean, helping you and everyone in your building fight off sicknesses and stay healthy!

Get in touch with Modern PURAIR to discuss the ins and outs of vent inspections before talking to your landlord – we love being that helping hand to answer all your questions concerning inspection and cleaning!