Two Reasons Your Staff Is Sick – And Why it Might be Your Fault

Wintertime is flu season, so we expect a degree of sickness around the office. The fact that the bug is going around can sometimes hide the true cause of employee sicknesses, one that can expose businesses to significant liability if not addressed! Consider 3 common causes of flu-like symptoms caused by poor indoor air quality, and how to address them, with Modern PURAIR.

Respiratory Irritation Caused by Dust and Allergens

Modern office buildings have very powerful filtration and air-scrubbing systems that are meant to protect the health of building occupants by ridding air of dust and irritants. These systems often work so well that we forget they even exist, causing us to neglect their regular maintenance. To ensure they are running in top shape, and that you are not exposed to the liability of making your staff sick, it’s important to ensure that all these systems are regularly inspected and maintained. High-quality air not only protects the health of your employees, but creates an environment in which they are more comfortable and productive.

Flu-Like Symptoms Caused By Mold

There are hundreds of thousands of types of mold, each with a distinct evolutionary history that allows it to be present in almost any circumstance. Some molds have evolved to be particularly well-suited to living in heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems.

Provided a dark, dry space, mold relies on the steady stream of air to provide constant nutrition. Feeding on a constant supply of airborne detritus and moisture, mold will take advantage of its comfortable circumstances to proliferate throughout a building. The convenient access to a constant flow of air provides mold an ideal vehicle via which to spore. Riding currents of air, hundreds of millions of spores will make their way into every space in a building, each hoping to land on a spot it can take root, grow, and spread.

These spores make it into the air of every space in a building, which means they make it into the lungs of building residents. When this happens, the body will activate an immune response, which will not only bring about many of the symptoms we expect of the flu, but decrease the ability of employee immune systems to fight off other sicknesses, as well as their available energy to accomplish daily tasks.


When it comes to protecting the health, comfort, and productivity of your employees by taking care of indoor air quality, there is no replacement for regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of your ventilation systems by a qualified expert. To ensure the productivity of your business, and the health of your people, get in touch with Modern PURAIR today.