Nest LEAF Install

3 Advantages To Installing A NEST Smart Thermostat

Most homeowners aren’t aware of the opportunities a little care and attention to their home HVAC system can provide them. With the right technology, you can inexpensively increase the efficiency of your home by leaps and bounds; decreasing the price your wallet – and the environment- pays for obsolete temperature control technology.

The Nest thermostat represents the current state of technology with respect to maximizing the efficiency of your home heating system. Available from Modern PURAIR, consider 3 primary advantages that a Nest system provides over traditional temperature control systems.

1) It Programs Itself

One of the most energy wasting habits we get into is not changing the temperature of our homes. We typically ‘set it and forget it’, not recognizing that heating or cooling the home when not strictly necessary wastes energy and money. Programming our thermostat is a hassle, but fortunately Nest technology is exists to provide a solution.Nest LEAF Install

The NEST Thermostat learns the rhythms of your home, managing home heating and cooling to maximize comfort and minimize energy use. The system will learn your schedule to reduce energy use while your out, and have it heated to your preferred temperature for as soon you arrive home. Work, school, vacation, etc; the Nest Thermostat will keep a constant eye on your energy usage so you don’t have to.

2) Links To Your Phone – Control Your HVAC System From Anywhere

When you’re out of town and realize you could have turned the A/C off to save some money, with the Nest thermostat, you can simply bring up your home heating controls on your Iphone or Android device and take care of it from there!

But the Nest app goes further than that as well. In addition to total control of your home’s heating and cooling systems, the Nest app can provide comprehensive data and analytics on home energy expenditure. View and track energy savings over time with detailed overviews and breakdowns of home heating and cooling data.

3) The Nest Leaf – Tells You When and How to Save Energy

save energy nest thermostatsIn addition to collecting, analyzing, and presenting data on home heating and cooling, Nest’s will also expose you to further opportunities to save energy. If you see the Green Leaf on your thermostat, you can press it for information on ways to save energy. Turning your temperature down by a single degree wont impact comfort, but the Nest will tell you if it can save you hundreds of dollars a year!


Modern PURAIR is a licensed installer of Nest thermometer technology. Providing insight, advice, and technology; we are a company committed to maximizing the efficiency of home heating and cooling across western Canada. For more information on the Nest thermostat, or any other measure to increase home efficiency, get in touch today.