– October 16, 2013 Clean air. It’s something we all appreciate.

Today’s modern homes are much more airtight and our furnaces are more energy efficient. That’s good news for energy use, but it’s bad news when it comes the quality of our indoor air.

Indoors is where Canadian’s spend about 90 percent of their time, and unfortunately the air quality indoors can be upwards of 1000 times worse than outside.

Fortunately, Doug Haller, general manager of Modern PURAIR®, has a solution.

Modern PURAIR® is your full-service indoor air quality company. They offer furnace and air duct cleaning, indoor air quality testing, coil cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and filter maintenance programs for homes, offices and public buildings like schools and hospitals.

One thing they don’t do, though, is fix furnaces” said Haller.

“We’re not here to fix or find problems with your furnace”, said Haller. “We’re just very good cleaners and totally specialized.”

Modern PURAIR® uses the latest in cleaning technology. Gone are the huge noisy vaccumm trucks sitting in your driveway disturbing your neighbours. Gone are the huge hoses that are dragged across your clean floors.

Modern PURAIR®‘s system is totally portable and the technicians simply cart it right into your home. It uses hoses that are a mere eight feet long. That short length means more power.

“The last thing you want to see is a big black hose being dragged across your clean carpet and hardwood floors,” said Haller.

This system has placed Modern PURAIR® in demand in Hight River flood cleanup.

“We have been in High River, cause people need help”, said Haller. “We’ve helped in 100 homes in eight week and we’re still have a crew down there.”

Haller said a lot of septic wasted ended up on people’s property from the flood and dragging a hose through it would not be a healthy option.

“You can only imagine what would happen,” said Haller.

The modern PURAIR® service begins with a visit from a technician who will conduct a walk-through; give a powerful vacuum to the duct system and finish with a contact cleaning scrub system that actually enters the duct system and cleans all four sides.

Typically what is removes is dust, particles, animal dander, mold spores, viruses and bacterial.

Generally it takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete. At the end is the fun part. The technician lets you examine the dirt and dust that has been removed from your system. You may even recover a lost treasure that somehow made it into the duct system. Commonly recovered have been coins, cards, collectibles, and jewelry.

Modern PURAIR® continues to grow in popularity because of the quality service. They cleaned up 500 homes last year and Haller believes they’re going to smash that record this year.