Duct Cleaning after Fire/Flood Damage

Ventilation systems are out of sight, and all-too-often out of mind. If your home or property has experienced fire or flooding damage, neglecting to consider the impact that damage has had on your ventilation system can expose building residents to significant health risk. Consider the risks, and how to address them, with Modern PURAIR.

Fire Damage – Ventilation Risk

Burning wood on a fire outside isn’t considered a health risk because smoke is provided ‘perfect’ ventilation, in that it is not contained to a space. Moreover, wood is relatively non-toxic when combusted.

The same cannot be said for fires that take place within a structure. Drywall, insulation, carpeting, furniture, etc. are comprised of toxic chemical compounds that, when combusted, represent significant risk to humans. Plastics and polycarbonates are cancer-causing carcinogens. Petrochemical compounds in building materials are toxic. When burnt, not only do these dangerous chemicals become airborne, but trapped within a structure they have nowhere to go but out windows and into vents.

Your ventilation systems are designed to filter out irritants and create clean air. Not designed to accommodate the nature of fires, your ventilation system will accumulate these dangerous materials during a fire, infecting the air quality of your home for months afterwards. The only way to comprehensively address this problem is with a full vent cleaning.

Mold Damage – Spore Accumulation

A similar thing happens with mold after a flood. Mold spreads via airborne spores, and these spores are known to accumulate within ventilation systems and filters. If your home or building has experienced flooding, there is a significant chance that mold spores are currently residing within your vents. Flooding creates the perfect circumstances for mold, and even if you’ve dealt with a mold growth resulting from a flood, you may have neglected to check your vents for spores!

Left neglected, spore presence in ventilation systems can lead to aggressive mold growth throughout your home. Fast-travelling air is the perfect vehicle for spores to travel to every space in your home, and vents provide just that, in an environment that is not only hidden from your view, but constantly providing mold a constant flow of nutrients and moisture.

Mold or Fire – Call Modern PURAIR

If your home or property has experienced even minor mold or fire damage, it is worth calling Modern PURAIR for an inspection of your ventilation system. Toxic carcinogens from even small fires can represent significant health risks; and even minor amounts of mold can develop over time into a significant mold problem.

In either case, fire or mold, it pays in peace of mind and the health of home or property residents to schedule a ventilation inspection with Modern PURAIR. No amount of dangerous particulate or mold spores are acceptable, so to ensure they aren’t circulating your home, get in touch with Modern PURAIR.