Is Joining a Franchise Right For Me?

Franchise Question

If you have been looking at starting your own business, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is “Is joining a Franchise right for me?”

Well the answer to that will depend on what is appealing to you.

Do you like trying to figure things out for yourself?

In business (and life), figuring things out for yourself involves lots of mistakes and failure.  Through the failure, you discover what doesn’t work and hopefully what does work.  Depending what the failure is, it could cost you a lot of time and money.  That being said, some people still enjoy figuring things out for themselves.  On the other hand, if you are someone who would rather capitalize on what other people have already learned through their failures, a franchise might be right for you.  Over the past 18 years in our industry, we’ve made many mistakes and experienced failure along the way.  As a result of those mistakes and failure, we have developed systems and procedures to prevent them from happening again and to catapult us to greater success.  As a Modern PURAIR® Franchise Owner, you wouldn’t have to make those mistakes yourself to learn from them.

Where do you want to spend your time?

One of the greatest challenges that a home services company will face is handling the job booking and scheduling process.  When your business is in startup phase, do you want to be the one that is answering the inquiry calls that come in from potential customers?  Or do you want to hire someone to do that for you?  Or do you want to have an expert take care of it for you?  At Modern PURAIR, we have a highly trained Sales Centre located at The Vent Box (our head office) that answers calls on behalf of all of our franchise partners.  The Sales Center converts those inquiries to job bookings on our Franchise Partner’s Schedule based on the terms (pricing, schedule availability, etc.) set by our Franchise Partners.  This way, our Franchise Partners can spend their time out in the community building their business without having to worry about how and when their phones are being answered.

Do you prefer going solo or being part of a team?

Some people enjoy to work on things alone while other people would rather work with the coaching and support from others.  If you are the type of person that thinks you could value from having a network of people that you can rely on to answer questions, get support, or bounce ideas off of – then a Franchise would be a great person for you.  Modern PURAIR Franchisees benefit from general support including weekly coaching calls with their Head Office Coach as well as support from the peer network of fellow Franchise Owners. 

Are you already an expert in business development in the field you are considering opening?

If you are not already and expert in business development in the business you are looking to open, a franchise would likely be a huge benefit for you.  Another great thing about joining the Modern PURAIR team is that it provides you with a playbook for advertising and business development success.  We’ve built this playbook based on what we’ve already proven to be the most effective strategies and tactics to build the system.  This playbook is all ready for you to execute on once you become a Franchise Partner.

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