Why More and More Entrepreneurs are Turning to Mobile Businesses


Today, mobile businesses are more popular than ever.  Both new and seasoned entrepreneurs have recognized that a mobile business provides huge benefits in comparison to retail businesses.  Here are some of the main reason’s why people are choosing the mobile business over a traditional retail business.

Mobile Businesses Have Lower Upfront Costs

When you open a retail business, you are looking at significant upfront costs for your lease and leasehold improvements to get the space ready for business.  For example, if you are looking at opening a fast food restaurant, you can expect to spend between $15,000 and $143,000 on leasehold improvements alone (this is on the low side).  Then tack on $1,200-$21,000 for outside signage, $1000-$7,500 for security alarms, and between $3,000-$65,000 in equipment costs. 

Modern PURAIR® is a mobile business where the Sprinter Van (think designer cargo van / rolling billboard) acts as a store on wheels.  Modern PURAIR Franchisees save on all of the costs of those leasehold improvements with just the one payment for the sprinter and equipment which is provided through a rental program.  A small bricks and mortar location in an industrial zone (lower cost than retail space) typically isn’t required until a franchise is operating a fleet of four or more service vehicles.  See startup investment requirements here

Mobile Businesses Have Lower Staffing Requirements

Staffing a retail business comes with significant labour costs required to greet and serve customers including both front and back of house staff if applicable.  You are required to fund a minimum level of this staffing regardless of if the business is there because you have to be ready with a team just in case the customers come in.  

Comparably, Modern PURAIR Franchises operate with the model one technician per sprinter service vehicle under most circumstances (or one employee per store on wheels).  Since the jobs are pre-scheduled, staffing is only required to service previously secured clients.

Mobile Businesses Allow You To Scale Faster

With a traditional retail business, if you out grow the capacity of your location, you are faced with trying to find another retail space in an ideal location to lease.  That new space may or may not be available and the price you will pay will depend on unpredictable market conditions.

With a Modern PURAIR Franchise, as you grow your business, you can simply add more Sprinters to your fleet as the revenue grows.  This process is made even easier through Modern PURAIR’s Sprinter Rental Program.

If you are considering opening a business, a great first step would be to schedule a casual introduction call with a Modern PURAIR Franchise Development Manager.

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