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The Modern PURAIR® Difference – What It Means For You

May 15, 2019

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As people become more and more aware of the importance of maintaining good indoor air quality in our homes, buildings, and offices, the need for a company capable of providing this service has also increased. This is where we, Modern PURAIR®, come in.

As a full-service indoor air quality company, we specialize in a broad scope of services all designed to

  • identify the cause of poor air quality
  • provide a solution for it
  • deliver upgrades and regular maintenance for indoor air quality

In our efforts to deliver top-notch service and high-quality solutions to homeowners, business owners and property managers, Modern PURAIR® embraces a whole host of modern and proven air quality control methods.

What does all this mean for you?

In this resource article, we’ll be talking about what makes Modern PURAIR® different and how you can benefit from our services.

We Work With HVAC Systems in All Kinds of Buildings & Dwellings

Modern PURAIR®’s main goal is to improve indoor air quality and thus help people breathe with ease.

Once we’d established this goal, we quickly figured out that our potential clients aren’t just homeowners. People are exposed to varying degrees of mediocre-to-poor air quality in many different indoor environments. We knew that, in order to make a difference, we had to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools needed to improve indoor air quality across the board. If we were to call ourselves “The Indoor Air Quality Experts” we’d have to be able to back that up with stellar service & quality results.

commercian hvac system air ductsAs a start, we decided to make our services available in all types of buildings and residences. Today Modern PURAIR® provides our services without sacrificing a bit of quality in:

  • Houses
  • Condominiums & Strata
  • High-rise apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail locations
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Warehouses
  • Malls

… and much more. We have also customized a specific set of services to offer partnerships to property management companies and restoration companies.

Our services can help these types of companies ensure the highest indoor air quality for their clients, helping to prevent illness & allergies that can occur due to polluted indoor air. That’s how we’ve earned repeat business and happy (and more importantly, healthy) clients.

We Have Decades of Experience with Homes and Businesses

hvac technician inspecting air ductsOne challenge with ensuring the best indoor air quality in both residential and commercial buildings is something many duct cleaning companies face today: Achieving good air quality in residences and commercial buildings requires a similar and yet different set of skills, knowledge, and most importantly, equipment. Why?

Simply put, commercial air ducts are significantly different than the ones used in residential buildings. The ducts installed in commercial buildings are much larger and longer than their residential counterparts. The overall complexity of the commercial HVAC systems adds to this as well.

The number of people working in – and passing through – commercial buildings is also significantly larger than the number of people residing in homes and apartments. Ultimately this results in more dust, chemicals and dirt being accumulated in the air ducts.

Being a full-service provider of indoor air quality, Modern PURAIR® can offer the scope of services many other air duct cleaning companies on the market simply can’t. And this is not only because of the experienced and knowledgeable staff we employ, but because we have access to the required equipment and special tools that enable us to deliver efficient services.

Our cleaning systems have been proven to work in thousands of different scenarios. This is why we have trademarked PURAIR® cleaning systems and made it our mission to provide the best indoor air cleaning services.

We have serviced thousands of private residences, condos, warehouses, and office buildings throughout Western Canada. This has significantly contributed to the experience of our employees and enabled us to improve and deliver the best services on the market.

Our Services Come with Guarantees and Certifications

Here at Modern PURAIR®, we provide air duct cleaning and many other high-quality services to residential homeowners and businesses. All of our services are carried out by licensed professionals. This is why each of our services comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to make good Indoor Air Quality available for everyone. All you have to do is book an appointment and let us take care of the rest.

air ducts in commercial hvac systemAir Duct Cleaning

We use the latest technology and equipment to remove debris and dirt from air ducts and improve the quality of the air you breathe.

We excel at air duct cleaning thanks to our specially developed PUR CURx® Contact Cleaning Scrub System. We will scrub all sides of your ducts and remove everything from them.

Furnace Cleaning

The furnace is a vital part of your home heating system. If left without maintenance it can cause a lot of problems, including pricey malfunctions and shutdowns.

We take a proactive approach here, since we don’t want you deal with furnace-related inconveniences in the middle of the heating season. We will not only replace the filter, but also inspect your HVAC system to make sure that each component is working properly. Proactive service saves you money down the road!

hvac technician inspects air qualityAir Conditioner Cleaning

We want you to enjoy the warm summer months both outside and inside your home. Thanks to our Air Conditioner Cleaning services, you will be ready for the hot season. Enjoy breathing odourless and clean air, and get a good night’s sleep in a cool living environment.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that fire departments have to deal with more dryer-induced fires than those induced by a poorly maintained chimney? Our experts know where to look and how to identify small problems in a dryer vent that can potentially cause a bigger issue.

Certification Program

If you want to make your tenants feel even more secure, our certification program can help you do that. Our team of professionals will help you achieve the best air quality in your property and provide you with the PURAIR® Certification. This service includes indoor air quality testing, air duct cleaning, filter maintenance, and A/C maintenance.

hvac technician changing filter in furnaceFilter Maintenance Program

We don’t just show up, replace the filters with anything we have on our hands, and leave. We will inspect your system, help you choose the best filter for it, and provide you with maintenance advice. This is how we ensure efficiency of your HVAC system, increase its capacity, and help reduce your monthly hydro bill.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We make a difference by enabling our customers to prevent the consequences of breathing inferior air. Our indoor quality testing is a proven pollutant and hazardous substance discovery method. Get the full report on the quality of the air you and your loved ones breathe every day.

Coil Cleaning

There is no need to disassemble your HVAC system to get the coil cleaned every time something goes wrong with your heating or air conditioning.  Our experienced crew will put your HVAC system under the magnifying glass to discover what’s causing the problem. If we find out that the coils have caught dirt and debris, it won’t take us long to get them back to their fresh-out-of-the-factory state of cleanliness.

Residential & Commercial HVAC Air Quality

We also include commercial services carried out by our air quality technicians. Every service we offer in our Residential bracket is also available to business, apartment buildings, shops, malls, and warehouse owners, including hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

We have successfully completed countless commercial projects, cleaning ventilation systems, complex air ducts systems, and coils and furnaces. We have found that commercial buildings generate more dust, dirt, and debris than residences.

Over time, this excess of dirt significantly reduces the air quality and exposes everyone to allergens. Our proven cleaning system is designed to help you breathe the clean air again in a very short time. The chances are that you are probably not even going to notice us there.

Our Recommendations Are Based On Accurate Testing

mother and child with cat in kitchen at home

In general, we in modern society spend most of our time indoors, especially from Monday to Friday. Whether that environment is home, the office, a store or a gym, the air could contain chemical and organic compounds that are harmful to our health.

Here we’re are not only talking about dust and animal dander ,which are considered as some minor irritants, but also about some potentially major issues. Being exposed to the latter ones can lead to serious health issues. These include chemical vapours and mould. These substances are known causes of several respiratory conditions, such as asthma and chronic cough.

The claim that indoor air is 100% more polluted than its outdoor counterpart is a very bold one. But rest assured, we didn’t make it up as a part of some kind of marketing gimmick.

We Perform Accurate Indoor Air Quality Testing

First of all, Modern PURAIR® is involved in regular outdoor as well as indoor air testing. We also make sure to stay tuned to the latest studies and research conducted by different entities regarding air quality control. Every business decision we make is based on accurate data. This is why we have included home indoor air quality testing service in our offering.

Having trouble breathing in certain spaces and the occurrence of excessive dust are the telltale signs of poor air quality. But they might be rendered as subjective opinions, which, in some instances is not enough to make the right call whether to or not to invest into air duct cleaning or any of the other services we offer. To make the real difference, Modern PURAIR® includes Indoor Air Quality Testing.

Air Quality Testing is a vital part of our services and can save you a lot of money if the entire building or complex has to be cleaned. The air quality test setup is not time-consuming nor will it disturb your regular daily regimen in any way. We use the best and most reliable air quality monitoring technologies to ensure accurate results.

Our technicians are highly experienced with these systems. If you decide to have your indoor air quality inspected, they will come with a portable device known as Canary IAQ monitor and install it in your home, office, or wherever you want the air to be inspected. The process lasts for 3 days. Once it is completed our technicians will pick up the monitor and analyze the results.

We look for factors labelled as critical by the Canadian Healthy Indoors Partnership. This includes volatile organic compounds, particles, and airborne contaminants. You will be able to see the results of the testing 24 hours after the pickup. For your convenience we make all our reports available online.

We’re Value Personal Communication & Friendly Service

family playing at homeTo deliver exceptional customer service, here at Modern PURAIR® we emphasize human interaction. All our customer care agents, along with all other personnel including technicians are familiar with all the services we provide.

But it doesn’t end there. Our employees are also aware of the common problems associated with poor air quality and they are equipped with the knowledge to help you assess your problems and identify the best possible solution.

If you decide to hire us, don’t expect to spend time interacting with a machine. We value our customers too much to consider you just a number. This is why we have a top-notch customer service and support center. Our professional yet friendly customer care agents will be more than happy to listen and help with your needs.

We will dispatch a team of licensed PURAIR® technicians to your home or business at your convenience. We encourage you to ask our technicians any questions while they are on the premises. Our friendly, clean & uniformed techs are equipped with the knowledge to help you understand what’s causing the excessive dust buildup in your home or office, and educate you about the steps that we will take to improve the air quality in your environment.

Our Pricing Policy Is Transparent and Upfront

furnace filterMany commercial and residential duct cleaning companies do not offer a transparent pricing policy nor upfront prices for a variety of reasons, including perhaps a lack of experience or the possibility of renting tools and buying new chemicals. This results in hidden costs and, ultimately, the inability to plan an accurate estimate. We decided to put a stop to this by introducing a transparent pricing policy.

If you choose Modern PURAIR®, you will not only receive the best air duct cleaning services on the market, but you can avoid any hidden costs. We will give you an estimate based on the previous projects we’ve completed and our HVAC & indoor air quality knowhow

We examine each of our customers’ needs individually and find solutions that work best for a particular environment. Once we have inspected the lay of the land and assessed the scope of work, we’ll be able to deliver an accurate estimate.

This process allows us to be up-front with our prices.

Aeroseal – Saving Money for Our Clients

As the leading provider of indoor air quality in Western Canada, here at Modern PURAIR® we’ve decided to extend the scope of our services.

Apart from aiming to help our clients breathe clean air and prevent common ailments associated with poor air quality, we also work towards saving our clients money in the long run. Did you know that, on average, either the air heating or cooling bill is increased by 30% because of leaky ducts?

grandmother and granddaughter at homeTo do that, we now offer the Aeroseal service. Since air duct inspection is a vital part of our work methodology, we are able to discover leaks in the ducts. Over time, both air heating and cooling ducts may start leaking air. This can happen in old buildings and homes, as well as in the new ones. The result of this occurrence is increased electrical and HVAC maintenance bills.

If the temperature in your home – or any type of building for that matter – is uneven, the HVAC system will be forced to work harder during prolonged periods of time to achieve the preset temperature. The imminent side effect of this occurrence is a significantly higher electrical bill.

At the same time, the HVAC system will be under a lot of pressure and forced to work harder. This means that it will wear out sooner and you will have to spend even more money on maintenancerepair bills.

On top of that, leaky ducts can contribute even more to the poor air quality in your home. Thanks to the leaks, the ducts will pick up even more dust and all sort of pollutants, thus polluting the indoor air even more. This may cause some allergies or some other respiratory problems.

With Aeroseal, once we inspect your ducts and identify the leaks, we’ll be able to seal them. This will save you money in the long run, improve your indoor air quality, and improve the quality of your life indoors thanks to an even temperature distribution across all rooms.

We Provide Continuous Education Regarding Indoor Air Quality

HVAC technician inspectingfurnaceThe indoor air quality and safety of our customers always comes first. From our experience, you can never go far enough to promote awareness of respiratory problems, many of which occur in early childhood. Conveying the message of indoor air quality is very important for us.

This is why we decided to extend a helping hand by informing our customers about all things air health. If you visit our News section, you will be able to find a lot of useful information and practical tips on how to improve your living environment and quality of life.

Our intention is to leverage our online presence to educate everyone about the importance of maintaining good air quality indoors.

Among the practical tips such as how to choose the right duct cleaning company, our News section also includes useful information on many related yet different topics, such as how air ducts get dirty, why is regular cleaning of dryer vents a good idea, myths & facts of duct cleaning and indoor air quality, and many others.

In our efforts to make the content even more interesting & informative, we’ve also decided to share with you the craziest things our technicians have pulled out of air ducts.

A Portion of Our Sales Goes to the PURKIDS® Foundation

We are aware that our services are not affordable for everyone. There are plenty of families out there trying to make ends meet. These families still have kids, and their health status heavily depends on the quality of the air they breathe. This is why Modern PURAIR® has started the PURKIDS® foundation.

parents reading with children in family roomPURKIDS® foundation’s work methodology is pretty simple – 1% of all our sales are directly donated to this foundation. This effort has enabled us to involve all our customers in charity work without asking them to make extra donations. A percentage of every profit that we make goes directly to a family that needs Modern PURAIR® services to protect their children’s health.

In fact, there are plenty of scientific studies shining a light on the connection between asthma and poor indoor air quality. Given the fact that Asthma is the number one reason children miss school and that every week 10 people die from asthma in Canada, something had to be done.

We felt the need to take action to help children with Indoor Air Quality related health problems. The PURKIDS® foundation is now here to support all sorts of programs for children suffering from poor indoor air quality. Whether the source of ailments related to poor air quality is school, home, building or any other living environment, PURKIDS® foundation allows us to react and significantly improve the quality of life of affected children.

A portion of collected funds goes for research and education. It’s important to increase public awareness of childhood respiratory problems related to poor indoor air quality, and we found that the promotion of these issues via education works best.

What Can Modern PURAIR® Do For You?

This concludes our Modern PURAIR® story – for now. As you can see, in our efforts to become the premier provider of indoor quality in Western Canada we have added value to each one of the services we offer. Our goal is not only to improve your quality of life, ensure that you breathe clean air, and reduce your electric bills, but also to become your partners in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Contact us today to schedule an air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, furnace inspection or other service. We look forward to serving you!


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We have developed an exclusive PUR CURx® Contact Cleaning Scrub System that actually scrubs all 4 sides of your duct system.


We spend an average of 90% of our time inside, and your home might contain air pollutants that may be hazardous to our health.


Dryer fires are more common than chimney fires. Reduce the risk with frequent dryer vent cleaning.


Provide your family with the clean air using our HEPA Filters and Germicidal UVC/UVV Light technology



All four sides of the ductwork are thoroughly scrubbed clean, thanks to our trademarked PUR CURx® Contact Cleaning Scrub System.


A Filter Maintenance Program Designed To Best Fit Your Needs. Filters need to be properly selected and maintained to function properly.


Dryer fires are more common than most people think. Mitigate the risk by cleaning vents often.


Modern PURAIR® Offers the most cost-effective HVAC equipment evaluation, coil cleaning, filter maintenance, and IAQ solution with our industry leading 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Provide your commercial building occupants with the clean air using our HEPA Filters and Germicidal UVC/UVV Light technology


On average, 90% of our time is spent indoors. If your business's air contains pollutants or allergens, how is this affecting your life?


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