New Home? Clear the Air with Duct Cleaning

Should you have the ducts cleaned in your new home?

Some people say, ‘No Way! It’s new, why would I clean something NEW? I wouldn’t clean a new car or a new garment, why would I clean a new house?!’

And while it might seem counter-intuitive, today we’ll be talking about why it’s beneficial for you to do just that. Before you set foot in your new home, dust and debris will already be gathering in those ducts! For the price you’ve just paid for your new home, isn’t it worth just a little bit more to invest in clean air for your family to breathe?

It’s a New House… But Just How ‘New’ Is it?

It’s true, you probably wouldn’t take that new car to the car wash right away, or take your new suit straight to the dry cleaners. But new homes are different. A lot goes on during the home construction process, both in front of our eyes as well as behind the scenes. Before the ductwork even makes it to your homesite, it may have sat for months or even years in a warehouse. That right there makes it prone to dust. Once it’s brought into the construction site, the ductwork is installed – and then it sits again, possibly several weeks or even months. This time, however, it’s not only dust that’s accumulating. Construction is taking place in and around the house. Dirt and dust are getting kicked up into the air. And, with new home construction happening at breakneck pace, not all construction trades are as careful with their job site as they ought to be. Just what kind of things can get into ductwork during construction?

Cigarette butts and Tim Hortons cups!” says Ari Black, an Ottawa resident who bought a new condominium and subsequently became board president. “Between our ducts and those in the other units, we were finding all sorts of things left behind by the builder and his subcontractors. Gross! The ducts needed a good cleaning right off the bat; and once we did, our neighbours reported feeling better and breathing more easily.”

You’ve Made the Investment, Now Protect It (and Your Family)

Canadian repair/renovation expert and TV home guru Mike Holmes agrees. “Think about cleaning your ducts if you just moved into a newly built home, or just had a major renovation done. If the construction crew wasn’t careful, they may have swept all kinds of dirt — insulation fibres, pieces of drywall, even lunch bags and coffee cups — into the ducts. Last I checked, this junk doesn’t belong in a modern HVAC system.”

Indeed they don’t belong in your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system). You’ve made a significant investment in your new home. The only thing that belongs in the ductwork is clean air passing through.

Contact Modern PURAIR today to set up an appointment to have your new home’s ducts inspected and cleaned. If you haven’t moved in yet, we can find the day on the calendar that works best for you (ideally as soon after closing date as possible). If you’ve already moved in and are wondering about that air, wait no further – talk to us about how we can help.