Spring Cleaning – Your Home and its Highway

The birds are chirping, the sun is starting to peek over the overcast shadow of Winter’s Veil and it is now apparent that the house may or may not need a little bit of T.L.C (No, not the T.V channel, tender love and care).  Included on your list of things to do: removing the junk that accumulated over your hibernation, vacuuming and dusting the whole house top to bottom, and maybe even cleaning out the fridge. Should getting your Furnace and Air Ducts cleaned be a top priority? The answer is UNDENIABLY YES!


Before & After Duct Cleaning


Your system has worked hard ALL Fall and Winter long to keep you nice and toasty-warm, all while taking in that dust, that pesky dust (yuck), that you see starting to build up on those dark hardwood floors and lovely countertops. Consider this: The highways and roadways you drive on day to day gather dust and debris from travellers and passers-by for months on end. Time goes by and after all that gorgeous, clean snow melts you can see exactly how much build up there is! So the Street Sweepers come out in full force; a convoy of these Cleaning Beasts gets those pathways clean as a whistle and the rest of the world seems a bit cleaner for a little while! This SAME concept can be applied to your HVAC system. The ductwork being the highway your Indoor Air travels on a day-to-day basis, tracking dirt and debris through it as though it were its day job. Does breathing in this dirty air for another 7 months sound fun? If you made the same face I did just thinking about it, then the answer is: “Probably not” that is where Modern PURAIR® can help!



We are the “Street Sweepers” at the ready to pick up and make clean what is too often forgotten. We assess your highway, see how many exits there are and count them all up with you. We then get down to business and, using our Modern PURAIR® Exclusive vacuum to hook up to your ductwork, we then get the ENTIRE system under suction. Every individual Vent and Register is then carefully blown through using compressed air to move that traffic of dust and debris through the branch lines into the main ductwork. That is where our “Cleaning Beast” comes in. Our PURCUR-x® Contact Cleaning system will act as that vehicle and help clear all four sides of the duct wall, as well as the corners, to remove any hard standing and stuck-on material to get the most thorough clean possible inside of your main duct run. The PURCUR-x® is non-rigid and uses compressed air to spin inside that duct work making it possible for us to clean all of those walls and corners. Once that is complete we also do a complimentary cleaning of your furnace; including, your fan, fan compartment, heat exchanger and burner.  Does your home also have Central Air Conditioning? Well if you answered “YES” then you will get a thorough cleaning of that A/C Coil located in the Furnace as well! All of these things will get that Indoor Air Highway sparkling clean and ready to help you breathe some fresh air while you enjoy your freshly cleaned home.


So when you are considering cleaning your home this Spring, you can increase the impact on the health of your furnace, your home, and yourself with the help of Modern PURAIR®! Keeping that dust at bay and ticking another check on your To-Do list! Clean Air -We live it, and you breathe it!