Bathroom Exhausts: Wait, you do those?


            Does Modern PURAIR® clean bathroom exhausts? Why yes, yes we do! It is probably no surprise that most of us use washroom exhausts every day without giving it a second thought. The sound of the fan spinning, working hard while we go about our “business”.  It may be one of the most used exhausts in a home, but it may also be the most neglected and overshadowed. Having it cleaned will help improve the quality of the air you surround yourself with; not only in your bathrooms but in your home overall as well!



Bathroom exhausts are an important necessity to your residence for both odor control and more so for safety. Washroom vents help remove harmful airborne fumes from a vast array of aggressive chemical cleaners that are used regularly to maintain these spaces and exchange the non-cleaning related odors as well. These vents also help maintain and manage the humidity/moisture in your washrooms as you use the bath or shower; thus, reducing the chance for mold to be able to develop and removing the spores through the ventilation before a large build-up can occur. This build-up of spores, if not properly removed, will lead to cultures and a potential mold problem that will use the moisture in the air to grow at an exponential rate. These exhausts also help vent out particles; such as, dust, pollen and other debris that accumulates in the home naturally as we live our day to day lives. The caking on of dust can cause your washroom fan to lose its ability to properly ventilate your washroom resulting in poor indoor air quality, odor and the build-up of these materials. The clogged vents then put stress on the fan’s motor resulting in potential damage, prompting probable repairs which can be costly. The great news is, this can be all avoided!





There are a few separate processes that can be utilized for cleaning these systems, but it is dependent on the structure of the system itself. One of the ways you can do this is by using a vacuum! You are able to remove any material by vacuuming the faceplate where a majority of the dust and debris is visible; blocking the exhaust and making the fan work harder, as well as, letting less of the particles pass through. Once these materials are removed your system will be able to breathe easier and properly exchange these particles and materials with less issue. This also helps maintain the health of your bathroom fan as a mechanical unit so it does not have to work as hard to move these materials (making it less noisy and more efficient). Another way this can be cleaned is by using a professional company. If you believe your exhaust system is blocked, contact your local Modern PURAIR® franchise and determine how they may proceed in removing any blocks from the system; as each system is different. Some may clean from the outside (similar to dryer ventilation cleanings), inside, or a combination of both.


There you have it! The importance of having these fans in your home to get rid of contaminants, odors, dust, and moisture is clearly warranted enough to have them cleaned regularly by a professional OR on your own! If you believe you may have poor ventilation or any of the above resonates with you, do not hesitate to contact Modern PURAIR®. If you have questions, Modern PURAIR® has the solutions!