4 Common Ways Poor Indoor Air Is Making You Sick

Indoor air is out of sight, and therefore often out of mind. It’s quality has significant impact on the quality of our day-to-day life, but rarely are we aware of it’s influence. Learn some of the symptoms caused by of poor indoor air, and how to deal with them, with Modern PURAIR.

1) Regular Congestion and Headaches

Your ventilation systems operate much like the respiratory system of your body. Designed to do more than just circulate air, your vents are also responsible for filtering and cleaning it as it moves throughout your home.

When your ventilation system is improperly maintained or unclean, it’s ability to do this suffers. With a lessened capacity to clean air, all manner of particulate makes it throughout your home and into your lungs.

When this particulate gets into your lungs, your body has to work to filter it instead. Responding with mucus and sinus inflammation, battling this particulate is much like having the common cold!

2) Throat and Breathing Irritation

The reason the body responds with mucus is because the organic passageways that air travels through to get to your lungs are not meant for anything but air! Though very small, each particle that makes its way down your sinuses and throat will ‘scratch’ these passages on it’s way down.

This accounts for the feeling of a dry and raspy throat; microscopic scratches all the way down your breathing passageways. Eventually the body will respond with mucus production to protect against further damage, replacing irritation with a stuffy nose!

3) Nausea and Dizziness

Without proper ventilation, chemical substances cannot adequately ventilate.

Something as simple as mopping your floors, spraying air-freshener, or cleaning the toilets can lead to an accumulation of chemical fumes that lead to nausea and dizziness!

For those with allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma, a poorly ventilated house can be a particularly dangerous environment. Additionally, infants and the elderly are particularly exposed to the harmful effects of poorly ventilated chemical fumes.

4) Persistent Low Energy

Poorly maintained ventilation systems not only trap viruses and bacteria within a home, but make conditions almost perfect for their proliferation.

Living in a home that is also a home for these harmful germs means that your immune system, as well as every other building resident’s, has to work over-time to keep sickness at bay!

Under such conditions, the human immune system is forced to burn considerable energy just to keep you from getting sick.

When your ventilation system isn’t working as it was designed to keep you and your family healthy, the immune system has to respond to pick up the slack, and the price you pay is in the energy you need to live your day-to-day life.

Keep Healthy With Clean, Maintained Vents

Next time you’re suffering from symptoms of the cold, or think you might be coming down with the cold, always ask yourself ‘when was the last time the vents were cleaned?’

Often we simply accept that we are ‘always sick’, not knowing that an inexpensive solution is available!

To find out easily access clean vents and a healthy home, get in touch with Modern PURAIR!