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5 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality, and How To Improve It.

Apr 10, 2017

Poor indoor air quality can expose a person to a variety of risks. When problems occur to health or home as a result of bad indoor air, it’s easy to attribute them to other causes. We think our lethargy and cough is just a cold; and we rarely recognize when mold growth is caused by improperly maintained ventilation systems. Recognize the 5 signs of poor indoor air quality to promote a healthy body and home with Modern PURAIR:

1. Health Problems For You or Family Members

Often health problems caused by long-term exposure to poor indoor air are attributed to ‘the cold’. Scratchy throats, sinus congestion, sneezing, coughing, lethargy; these are all symptoms of poor indoor air quality.

Everyone reacts to living in an environment with poor air differently. Depending on a variety of factors like age, sensitivity to allergens, existing respiratory issues, etc; you may be more or less susceptible to these symptoms. Infants, the elderly, and those with existing respiratory issues like asthma will find these symptoms more intense.

2. You’ve Detected Mold

When ventilation systems are not cleaned or maintained, their capacity to effectively process moisture diminishes. Accumulations of dust and particulate, combined with this excess humidity, generate ideal circumstances for mold growth.

Vents provide the perfect home for mold, and flowing air the perfect vehicle for spreading. Spores will ride air currents, making their way into the lungs of your family members and proliferating throughout your home.

3. Musty Smell with No Identifiable Source

Everyone gets used to the smell of their own home. Sometimes it takes leaving the house for a period and returning to notice that it doesn’t smell quite right.

If you’ve been away for a time, and come home to notice that your home has a musty, stagnant odour; there is a high probability that poor indoor air is the culprit.

4. You Never Stop Dusting

Do you find that no matter how much you wipe down surfaces, you can’t seem to stay on-top of dust accumulation? If you haven’t had your vents inspected, cleaned, or maintained in some time; chances are they are the cause of the problem.

Dusting your home serves to disturb as much dust as it removes. This dust makes its way into your vents. With a clean filter and maintained vents, this dust will become trapped. With a dirty filter, and unclean vents, this dust will only circulate throughout your home, ending up in other rooms.

5. The Air is Too Dry, or Too Humid

It can be difficult to assess the humidity in your air by feel. Often requiring a hygrometer to properly asses. When air is too humid, it generates mold growth. Too dry, and your indoor air will promote significant dustiness. Either case can cause health complications

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Contact Modern PURAIR for an inspection of your ventilation system and professional guidance on the options available to prevent poor indoor air for your home and family.

1. Check their Google Reviews. What are customers are saying about the experience?

Google provides a platform for consumers to voice their opinion.  Read the reviews and see if customers recommend the company.  Are the customers happy?  What is the quality of the reviews provided? Are the reviews related to the services you are hiring the company for? What is the frequency of the reviews they are receiving?

2. Do they provide up-front pricing?

Duct cleaning companies that lure you with low pricing could be setting you up for a bait and switch.  In this instance, they may surprise you with extra costs at the end of the job. Make sure the company will provide the total cost of the job before they start. This will allow you to determine if you want to proceed with the service or not. This should be a “no pressure” experience.

3. How was the technician that will be working in your home trained to do the work?

Technicians performing furnace and air duct cleaning should have completed a training program. Their training should have included both classroom theory, hands-on learning, and continuing education. Ask to see the service technicians’ certificate of completion for their training.

4. What is their satisfaction guarantee?

When hiring a duct cleaning company in your home, you want someone that will take care of you if there is a problem. For your peace-of-mind, ask to see their satisfaction guarantee.


5. Can they prove the results of the work done in your home?

Hiring a furnace and air duct cleaning company can be an unnerving situation. This is largely because it can be difficult for you to see what they actually did.   Ensure that they use equipment that will allow you to see exactly what they cleaned from the system.  Ensure that what they will show you is only from your home – not what has been cleaned from previous jobs as well.  This will also allow you to retrieve lost items like jewelry, cash, coins, toys, and other keepsakes.

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