3 Benefits of Spring Furnace Cleaning

Spring has sprung! That means it’s time to open the windows, clear out the house, and free yourself of all that winter stuffiness! This year, when you’re going about your regular spring cleaning, remember that though ventilation systems are out of sight, they need to be taken care of just like any other part of the home. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating a vent cleaning and furnace tuneup into your spring cleaning routine this year:

1. Keeps Your HVAC Working at Top Efficiency

Heating and cooling your home accounts for 60% of its annual energy use. If your heating and cooling systems are not running at top form, this represents a great opportunity to massively impact your monthly utility costs! Spring’s arrival means that soon you’ll be switching on your homes A/C, so it’s wise to have your air conditioning and ventilation systems inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up before heat sets in. If you have an air conditioning system older than 10 years old, its also worth considering the energy-saving advantages of installing a high-efficiency system with Modern PURAIR.

2. Purges All The Accumulated Winter Buildup

Furnace Spring Cleaning KelownaAll winter long, your home recycles air. Moving it throughout all the house from room to room in favour of drawing cold air from outside, things get stuffy after long winter months. You and your family have spent all winter in your home, stirring up plenty of dust and particulate that has had nowhere to go. Your HVAC filtration system is designed to accommodate this to some degree, but it accumulates in your vents, contributing the the sense of stuffiness characteristic of homes at the end of winter.

Purging your HVAC system of this buildup in your filters and vents is a great way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring, blasting out these old stuffy accumulations to make way for fresh outdoor air!

3.Keeps Your Home Cleaner, Longer

When you have a ventilation system that hasn’t been cleaned in some time, keeping things feeling clean and fresh is a lot more difficult. Clearing dust off surfaces feels like cleaning, but much of the dust you clear simply floats around your indoor air until it finds a new place to settle. When vents are dirty, your home HVAC system becomes almost like a dust-spraying machine, sucking up floating dust you’ve disturbed in one room, only to spit it out in another for you to clean later on.

Having your ventilation system consistently clean turns your HVAC system into a dust eating machine, helping you clean your home by sucking this disturbed dust up, and filtering it out. This substantially reduce the dustiness of your home and improves indoor air quality, contributing to a sense of freshness and vitality throughout your entire home.

Spring Cleaning with Modern PURAIR

This year, don’t forget to call Modern PURAIR for an inspection and cleaning of your home ventilation systems, as well as routine furnace maintenance!