The Importance of Duct Cleaning After Renovations

Anyone who has experience with home renovations knows that even small projects can create a lot of dust. While after-reno cleanup gets rid of all the dust you can see, your vents accumulate all that you can’t. Not only will uncleaned post-reno vents operate less efficiently, costing you more to heat and cool your home, but in certain cases can represent air-quality and fire hazards to the health of your family. Learn about the value of post-renovation vent cleaning with Modern PURAIR.

Post-Reno Dust – Its Impact on Air Quality

Any renovation, big or small, is going to in some way involve materials that are toxic for human consumption. We pay a lot of attention to these materials when using them during renovation, but rarely do we think about their presence during demolition. It’s recommended to wear breathing protection when performing demolition protect yourself from harmful substances made airborne, but rarely do we think about these particles after work is completed. Allowed to accumulate in your vent systems, these toxic substances can have a significant impact on air quality and the long-term health of your family. Hiding in air-filters and throughout your vents, this particulate passively reduces the long-term air quality of your home, taxing the immune systems of every resident, and making them more susceptible to sickness.

Threat Of Fire

For larger renovations especially, particulate allowed to accumulate in vent systems can represent a significant fire hazard. Sawdust, drywall dust, toxic fumes, and all manner of airborne particulate associated with construction sites combine to provide the perfect combination of oxygen and fuel, a stage set for disaster. With the right accumulation in your vent system, all the catastrophe requires is a source of ignition. It’s possible for a vent fire to occur months, or even years, after a major renovation if the dangerous accumulation of debris has not been cleaned.


The inside of your vents are rarely seen, and therefore rarely cross the average person’s mind. Especially after a renovation, blindness to the situation within your vents can be disastrous. After any renovation, big or small, it’s always recommended that you take measures to protect the cleanliness of your home’s ventilation. Doing so not only protects the quality of air your family is breathing, but also addresses the possibility of a fire hazard within your vents.

For the most comprehensive protection against the threat of renovation dust to house and home, after any home renovation be sure to get in touch with Modern PURAIR. We will book an inspection of your vents around your schedule, promptly and efficiently providing you the ventilation cleaning services you need to ensure the long-lasting health and safety of your family. With Modern PURAIR you can rest easy knowing absolutely that your vents are taken care of.