Almost every household has a dryer, but many people do not think to clean the vents of the dryer. It is very important to clean the dryer vents. Many people are not aware of the potential risks of not cleaning the dryer vents. Cleaning the dryer vents is necessary before doing laundry as the clogged dryer vents possess a great threat to your family and home. Every person who lives in a condo or an apartment should take the preventive step to have the dryer vent cleaned at least once a year to protect their home from fire hazards.  

As many as 15,000 fires start in apartments and condos due to clogged clothes dryer exhaust vents. Many cases of injuries and deaths are reported every year due to the lack of attention to the clogged dryer vents of the Clothes dryer.


Clothes dryers can reach extremely high temperatures and can pose a fire threat in apartments and condos due to less ventilation, while doing laundry. Preventive measures, such as professional cleaning of the clogged dryer vents should be taken in order to reduce the potential risks that may start a fire in your apartment or condo. Moreover, maintenance should not be overlooked as a technical fault in the clothes dryer can start a fire.  

Not cleaning the clogged dryer vent of the clothes dryer can consume more energy than is needed to run a clothes dryer. When the clothes dryer vent is clogged, the clothes dryer can consume a lot more energy and doing laundry can cost you almost double. 

Clogged dryer vents, when not maintained or cleaned can pose a threat to the health of every person living in the apartment or the condo. Clogged dryer vents have material stuck inside during the dry time. When combined with moisture from wet laundry, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mould that could make your family sick.  

To avoid these potential risks, maintenance of your clothes dryer is extremely important. That is why, it is extremely important to get your dryer exhaust vent professionally cleaned at least once per year, using equipment and processes that provides full removal of trapped material from the dryer to the exterior of the building.  Maintenance of your clothes dryer is essential as the lint trap present in your clothes dryer does not trap all the lint produced in the dry time. Consequently, this lint builds and gets stuck in the dryer vent, causing the dryer vent to take up more energy than needed.

To protect your home from the potential fire hazards and your family members from the potential health risks, it is extremely important to clean the clogged dryer vent of your clothes dryer, especially if you live in an apartment, as the apartments or and condos may not be well-ventilated and fires can spread out very quickly.



Cleaning your clogged dryer exhaust vent can enhance the appliance’s efficiency. The lint built up in the dryer vent can cause the clothes dryer to lose its efficiency. Your clothes dryer can take a long dry time to dry your clothes.   Have you noticed that it is taking longer to dry a load of laundry than it did in the past?


Getting your clogged dryer vent cleaned can protect your apartment or condo from a potential fire. Lint is the ignition source of causing a fire during the laundry time. You can protect your apartment, property and your family from the risk of the fire by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned annually. High temperatures of the clothes dryers can start a fire and the fire can easily spread in an apartment or condo.


Not having maintenance services to clean your gas dryer (if you happen to have a gas dryer in your building) can pose a carbon monoxide poisoning threat to you and your family members.  It is toxic to humans and hard to detect if there’s a carbon monoxide leakage in the apartment. Lint clogs your dryer vent and makes it difficult for the carbon monoxide gas to escape. Consequently, causing a gas leakage in your apartment. That is why, it is important to get your clogged dryer vents cleaned to eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


  • Have a professional install your clothes dryer exhaust venting.
  • Use a lint filter while using your clothes dryer.
  • Clean the lint from the filter, before or after the dry time.
  • Use proper ducting for venting for a good air flow.
  • Do not restrict the air exhaust vent outdoor,
  • If you have a gas dryer, have it inspected by a professional annually.
  • Make sure that the connections are secure.
  • Do not overload your clothes dryer during laundry.
  • Always turn off the clothes dryer while leaving the house.
  • Check if the outdoor vent pipe or flap is not covered by snow, nests or debris.
  • Keep flammable substances away from your clothes dryer. 
  • Have your dryer exhaust vent professionally leaned at least once per year. 


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