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How Often Should I Conduct an Air Quality Investigation?

May 1, 2019

Indoor air quality in our homes and workspaces is extremely important. It can affect our well-being, productivity, sleep and many other facets of life.

Yet indoor air quality it is somehow very frequently neglected. This, despite the fact that poor air quality in spaces where we spend most of our days can affect our health. In some instances, one can develop health conditions due to breathing poor air. For those already suffering from a respiratory condition, for example, poor air quality can even worsen their symptoms.

Indoor Air Quality has been recognized as an important health factor by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Air quality in office buildings, for instance, is well regulated. Unfortunately, it never states how often should you conduct an air quality investigation. That’s the question we’ll be looking into today, in this issue of the Modern PURAIR® blog.

An Ounce of Prevention: The Importance of Regular Indoor Air Quality Investigations

The old adage “An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure” certainly rings true when it comes to indoor air quality investigations.

Waiting to react to problems caused by breathing inferior air can incur tremendous costs in the form of physical ailments, mental well-being, loss of productivity and much more. Getting out ahead of things, just as in many other areas, helps prevent issues from developing or becoming larger.

That’s why it is important to schedule and conduct regular air quality investigations, ideally at least once a year. Why is this so?

If you measure indoor air quality on a regular basis, you can identify a spike in the pollutants and act accordingly, before you have a full-blown disaster to deal with. A lot of things can happen over the course of one year both at home and in office buildings. One time that’s especially worth noting is after the renovation process, when the excess of debris, dirt, and chemical pollutants can easily end up in the air ducts to contaminate the air throughout the building. Also, over time, dust can start causing a lot of respiratory problems.

In buildings where the circulation of people is increased, regular air quality investigations are a must. This applies to hospitals, banks, sports arenas, shops, restaurants, and so on. Poor air quality is usually followed by uneven temperatures across the building which is another indicator that something has gone wrong.

When to Conduct an Air Quality Investigation

A regular air quality investigation is a proactive measure that can help you discover problems in the making and rectify them before they fully develop. On the other hand, it’s also possible to conduct an air quality investigation as a reactive measure (if you’re noticing that something isn’t right). So when to conduct an air quality investigation?

If you are making renovations in your living space, you should make sure that the air you breathe is crystal clear. As we mentioned, a lot of bad stuff can end up in ducts and contaminate your air. Another reason to check the quality of the air is if you start experiencing nausea or dizziness. Especially after you get it cleared by your doctor.

Businesses and property managers should conduct an air quality investigation if the number of complaints increases. These complaints can range from people feeling either too hot or cold to people experiencing trouble breathing, sneezing, dizziness, and so on.

But then, why wait? Why not be proactive and put indoor air quality investigations on your list of regular, proactive maintenance items?

Make Sure You’re Breathing the Clean Air That You Deserve To!

Hopefully, this answers the “How often should I conduct an air quality investigation?” question. As you can see, there are several factors to consider and acknowledge. Remember, there are both proactive and reactive air quality investigation types.

Here at Modern PURAIR®, we are committed to helping you breathe easier in your home and workplace. Feel free to contact us today so that we can help you assess your indoor air quality and make sure that you’re breathing clean air – the PURAIR® way!

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