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Franchise Partner Support: The Modern PURAIR Sales Center A Competitive Advantage for Franchise Owners

Dec 11, 2023


Buying into a franchise system is an exciting venture, and selecting the right brand with robust support systems is not always the easiest thing to determine when weighing your options. Quite simply though, you have to keep asking yourself, “how has this brand invested in their systems to simplify the operation of the business and maximize profitability of their franchise locations?”  In other words – what systems does the franchisor have in place to help their franchisees scale and build a large business?


On top of our robust training, state of the art equipment, operating systems and coaching support, at Modern PURAIR, we have become the leader in the indoor air quality industry by going beyond the ordinary with our centralized Sales Center. This dedicated inbound call center managed over 50,000 calls last year for our franchise locations and plays a pivotal role in helping franchise partners build and expand their business. Let’s take a look at how the Modern PURAIR Sales Center acts as a launch pad for our franchise partners by managing inbound inquiries, and booking service calls for their locations.


Lead Management:

The Sales Center serves as the nerve center for handling incoming leads generated through various channels. Whether it’s through digital marketing efforts, online inquiries, or customer referrals, the Sales Center ensures that every lead is consistently and efficiently managed. This streamlines the process for our franchisees, allowing them to focus on building their business and delivering exceptional service while the Sales Center takes care of managing the phones, service inquiries and bookings. Take a look at this quote from From Tristan, a multi-location Franchise Partner.


 “The Sales Center has been the unsung hero of our business! It’s the backbone of our operation erasing the worry of missed opportunities and potential voicemails. This allows me to focus on what I’m good at and that’s growing our business and leading our team of technicians with the confidence that the Sales Center is handling leads and booking service. Our record revenue levels wouldn’t have been possible without this incredible support. Actually, it’s not just support, it’s our strategic advantage.”


Competitive Advantage – Our Clients Never Get Sent to Voicemail

In a service business sometimes the key to building a robust, large operation is your ability to answer the phone when potential clients are calling. The Modern PURAIR Sales Center operates when your business operates, ensuring that customers can reach a highly trained, knowledgeable, Modern PURAIR team member everytime they call. This availability maximizes the chances of converting leads into clients and generating revenue. Our Franchise Partners benefit from this continuous support, knowing that their business is accessible to customers and a live person answers every time.


An Industry Differentiator:

First impressions matter, and the Sales Center plays a crucial role in creating a positive experience for customers. Trained professionals handle inbound calls with a focus on our 5 star world class customer experience. 


Lead Qualification and Appointment Setting:

Through a professional and effective screening process, the Sales Centre team identifies the specific needs of potential customers. This information is then passed on to the franchise location through the CRM and booking system, allowing franchise partners to tailor their service to meet the unique requirements of each client. Additionally, the Sales Center excels at ensuring that franchise locations are efficiently booked to maximize service time and minimize time spent driving from appointment to appointment.


Provides Real Time Operational & Business Insights:

Modern PURAIR understands the importance of utilizing technology and data in franchise performance. (One visit to our Head Office will tell you that…) The data captured through the centralized Sales Center is able to provide us with valuable insight into trends, customer preferences and demand. We are then able to leverage this data to refine marketing strategies, enhance service, and make better informed business decisions.


Choosing to invest in a Modern PURAIR franchise means gaining access to a powerful tool to help you scale your business. This innovative approach to lead management and customer acquisition sets our franchise partners up for success and allows them more time to spend building their business. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can be assured that you are joining a brand that not only leads the indoor air quality industry but also understands that a well supported franchisee is a happy franchisee. 

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