Dryer Fire

Will The Dryer In Your Home Cause A Fire?

When to Clean Your Dryer Exhaust Vent and Why it Is Important

Have you noticed while doing laundry that the laundry is not dry after the cycle has finished?  Or have you noticed that your load of laundry is taking longer to dry than you remembered? Or does your laundry feel unusually hot after the cycle has completed?  If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, your dryer exhaust vent may be clogged.  Experts recommend that dryer exhaust vents get professionally cleaned and inspected on an annual basis.  The reason this is is so important is not just about saving you time and money on your energy bills.  It’s actually about fire safety.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that there are over 2,900 fires each year that are caused by clothes dryers.  As a result – 13 people died, 444 people were injured, and there was over $238,000 in direct property damage.

What You Will Notice After Having Your Dryer Exhaust Vent

The first thing you will be amazed with is seeing just how much dryer lint and debris was clogging up your exhaust vent.  There are several factors that impact the amount of lint and debris that is plugging your dryer vent.   A key factor is the length of the run of the exhaust vent (from the dryer to the outside of the building) as well as if there are any bends or elbows in the venting. Birds, animals, insects, and rodent often make their way into the dryer exhaust vent as they are attracted by the warmth and shelter provided.  People are often surprised when this is removed from the venting.

After all of this debris has been removed from the dryer exhaust vent, you will likely see improved dryer performance because the dryer is able to work as it was designed to.  This is because when the exhaust vent is clogged, the moist air is trapped inside the dryer – keeping the clothing wet.

How Often You Should Have Your Dryer Exhaust Vent Cleaned

Your dryer exhaust vent should be professionally inspected and cleaned once per year under normal use conditions.  Click here for more information on Dryer Vent Cleaning.