How Marine Professionals Are Improving Air Quality For Their Crew

Her maiden voyage in the mid 80's

Commercial fishing vessel born in Denmark

The History of a (now) Canadian Fishing Boat

Born in Denmark in the mid 80’s, she is an impressive vessel that is 42 meters long with an 8-meter beam.  She is a stern trawler – a type of commercial fishing vessel capable of operating in nearly all weather conditions.  Trawling is a method of fishing where large fishing nets are pulled through the ocean at a certain depth. 

In the 2000’s, the boat was relocated to the British Columbian coast where it began catching ground fish like Pacific Hake, Aarowtooth Flounder, Rock Sole, and Pacific Snapper.  On average, the watercraft spends 10 days at sea on each trip and can store 200 tonnes of fish in its onboard freezer.  This is the equivalent of over 7 shipping containers of processed fish.

For over 30 years, this vessel has served as a place of both work and living for its crew.  People often think about commercial fishermen spending most of their time outside breathing in the fresh sea air, but they don’t think about how much time the fishermen are spending inside both as part of their work and rest.  As a result, the workers are faced with health issues caused by poor indoor air quality similarly to their landlocked counterparts.

Recognizing the Need For Clean Air on Commercial Vessels

Debris removed from boat

9lbs of rust particles, dust, hair, and debris was removed from the air handling system

The maintenance team for the boat are part of a growing community of marine professionals putting a focus on improving indoor air quality for their crew.  They brought in Modern PURAIR® to clean the air handling unit, air ducts, piping, and vents.  This air system acts as the “lungs” of the vessel cabins, intended to supply fresh air.  These are components that only professionals equipped with the proper equipment and training can adequately clean. 

Modern PURAIR® is a Canadian Indoor Air Quality Franchise that provides furnace and air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, air conditioner coil cleaning, indoor air quality testing, and filter maintenance programs for homes, businesses, strata managed properties, and marine crafts.

As a result of many years at sea, the air handling unit on the vessel had been contaminated with rust.  Modern PURAIR® Nanaimo Franchise Owner Jeff Wilson, explained how the rust was breaking up and being pulled into the air handling blower, blasting the fragments into smaller, dust like pieces contaminating the air.  Modern PURAIR uses a combination of their proprietary, ultra-high powered PURAIR Vacuum and the PURCURx Contact Cleaning Tool (powered by compressed air) to completely clean the air handling unit, airducts, piping, and vents.  The results were remarkable. 

Modern PURAIR was able to clean the complete air system as well as provide an ongoing cleaning maintenance schedule to ensure that the crew is breathing clean and safe air while onboard.  Like in a home or commercial building, when the air system has been properly cleaned and maintained, not only will it make the air safer, but it will also allow the system to operate more efficiently – reducing energy consumption and unnecessary strain on the system.