Preparing Your Furnace Before Winter

When it comes to furnace maintenance, just like with cars, there are jobs that anyone can do, and jobs that are best left to professionals.

Taking care of some tasks regularly will not only save money on maintenance and repairs, but increase the efficiency of your furnace and protect its longevity. Moreover, it can train your eye to identify problems in advance, and allow you to take action to prevent or solve them.

When it comes to preparing your furnace for winter, here are some tips and tricks regarding jobs that can be done yourself.

Winter Furnace DIY’s

When winter is knocking on your door, you’ll want to make sure that your furnace is running at top condition to guarantee it stays outside. Ideally, before winter’s coldest days hit, you’ll want to:

filterChange Your Furnace Air Filter

This is perhaps the easiest, though most frequently neglected, measure a homeowner can take to maintain their heating systems. Simply pulling out your old filter and putting in a new one takes mere moments, and can have a massive impact on the efficiency of your furnace. A clean filter is one that air can move through more easily, meaning faster air and less heat lost on the way to your rooms.

Remove and Clean all Vent Grates

Changing filters is helpful, but is better served if you work to minimize the amount of dust existing elsewhere in your heating system. Filters must be changed more often if your grates and ductwork is dusty already. Clean that out when you change your filter, and you can expect your heating to work more efficiently because of it.

technicianProfessional Furnace Maintenance

Some jobs require technical expertise, and when it comes to working on the internals of a home heating system, it’s ill-advised to DIY. Not only is working on furnace internals liable to damage your system, but can also present significant safety hazards.

Many homeowners will choose to simply opt out of maintenance they cannot perform themselves, and instead wait for the need to repair to call a repair man. This strategy is far from the best one.

If you are unwilling or unable to perform regular maintenance tasks on your home furnace and heating system, instead of waiting for something to break to get in touch with the professionals, you can save considerably time and hassle by instead booking regular maintenance. Repair is always more expensive and frustrating than maintenance, so if you haven’t had your home furnace system cleaned or maintained in the past year, get in touch with Modern PURAIR today! We can perform a professional cleaning and maintenance of your entire furnace system, guaranteeing its efficient operation long into the future.